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03-09-09, 17:06
:wve: people, some days ago I was looking for some tomb raider games, because i'm thinking of completing my (poor) TR collection, I only have 2 games now:
Tomb Raider II
Tomb Raider Anniversary
And I lost my sweet little original Tomb Raider game :( (Kill me for this :pi:)
And while I was browsing some online shops, I found a cheap tomb raider game, Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness.
So I am in a great hurry to buy it because it's almost out of stock, and the problem is that I don't really know if it's worth the buy, I think that even the game being almost all cutted down, it can still be good, so, I need help quickly.
Thank you in advance,
Cookie :hug:

*Sorry it's in the wrong section, I tought I was on Angel Of Darkness section :(*

03-09-09, 17:09
Hell, if it's cheap go for it.
I'd even recommend legend if that was cheap.

AoD is unlike TR2 and Anniversary - so you're in for a different gaming experience.

03-09-09, 17:10
If you're a TR fan which I assume you are it's totally worth the money. I'm sure it's cheap considering it's a few years old.

Legend of Lara
03-09-09, 17:10
AoD is actually a pretty decent game. If it's cheap, that's a big plus. Go for it.

03-09-09, 17:21
I wouldn't even take it for free 'cause I vowed never to touch it again... but that's just me. :p

03-09-09, 17:27
Of course it's worth the money! :D AOD is a great game. It's long, it's challenging, it's got a great story, great atmosphere, great music (I could bang on for ages about how great it is...:p)

Super Badnik
03-09-09, 17:28
Yeah, espically if it's cheap and your a TR fan. But it is my least favorite TR (along with Legend) so there are better Tomb Raiders IMO.

03-09-09, 17:30
BUY IT!!! The controls are not good but the game is great.

Several of the early TR's are on offer now at various outlets.

If you see TR3 make sure you buy it, its the best of the Core games.

Good luck.

03-09-09, 17:30
AoD was a very fun and rewarding game, it'd be worth the buy! :)

03-09-09, 17:34
I would go for it, most of the older Tomb Raider games can be snatched up for a very good price! AoD is like no other game in the series. Like you said it is cut down from how it was originally planned however I think it is still a great gaming experience. :)

03-09-09, 18:11
I'd defo get it if it's going cheap. :tmb:

03-09-09, 18:12
I'd say it's worth a go if it's cheap. :tmb:

03-09-09, 18:19
Clumsy controls, but still enjoyable. Cheap is a bonus, so buy it. :)

Chocola teapot
03-09-09, 18:28
Get it.

03-09-09, 18:29
One of the best games ever made. :tmb:

03-09-09, 18:31
Yes it is :D

03-09-09, 18:31
It'll be really cheap so I would say go for it.

It has terrible controls, boring levels and plot holes but Lara says words like "damn" and she's angry a lot!

03-09-09, 19:09

it is a great experience:)

I just had a dream about it last night actually:p

very nice game:)

03-09-09, 19:12
Thank you all :tmb:

I'm going to get it as soon as possible to the PS2.
I was thinking on the PC version but it's out of stock and more expensive D:

03-09-09, 19:24
I've heard that the controls of the PC version are much better (haven't played the PS2 version so I can't tell).

03-09-09, 19:29
I'd even recommend legend if that was cheap.

I wouldn't. :p I say go for it with AOD though. Be patient in learning the game's control quirks and getting through the initial levels and you'll find yourself playing a long-ish game that has all the good things the classics had and more when it comes to the story.

Minty Mouth
03-09-09, 19:29
The controls on the PS2 are horrendous, you will wonder how anyone could possibly play a game with such an awkward control system - At first.

But after a couple of hours, you will be completely used to them, and have few problems. Thats how it worked out for me anyway.

Overall, Im pretty sure you got your answer in this thread :p

03-09-09, 19:38
Yes! :tmb: Get it before it's too late!!!

Evan C.
03-09-09, 20:43

03-09-09, 20:59
I'm pretty sure I saw it for like 4.99 here. ARGH! Why did I pay 27.99!? :hea:

03-09-09, 21:12
I just realised I've bought this game 4 times. :vlol:

1st time - Ps2
2nd time - PC sold out version
3rd time - original unpatched version
4th time - Ps2 again, because I lost the original.

03-09-09, 22:08
Yes get it :p

03-09-09, 23:16
i just realized the other day i had all of them!

TR1 - PS1
TR2 - PS1
TR3 - PS1
TRL - XB360
TRU - XB360

i was so exited!

04-09-09, 08:30
You can get the thing for like $2.99 for ps2 on amazon or a penny on pc lol either way I say get it, even if ya dont like it ya wont be missing much.

PS2 Ver

PC Ver

In my honest opinion Id reccomend the PC version, the controls are more responsive and the patches realy make a difference. Also you can set the controls up to work like TR1-5 =D

04-09-09, 08:43
Hells yeah it is!! :D

get it :ohn:

AOD is one of best in the series! :D

04-09-09, 13:01
iv seen it for a fiver and anything under a tenner if worth it :)

it was a great game!

04-09-09, 13:09
Definitely worth it.
Compared to the newer games this is one of the best.

04-09-09, 13:13
go fot it

i must say, the game is a very watered down version of TR (the most watered down version)... thats my opinion

04-09-09, 13:17
Best One In The Series (except for the controls)


Lara's Nemesis
04-09-09, 14:34
It's worth the money if you can get it for about 20 pence.