View Full Version : The General Big Brother 11 (U.S.) Thread

God Horus
05-09-09, 15:07

Well I love Big Brother and I noticed there is a thread for the UK version (10) so I decided to make one for the US version, which is 11 atm. I asked Gabi and she said it's ok and I searched for any old Big Brother 11 threads and couldn't find them.

So here it is...

I will keep all the player's statuses updated frequently :D

HOH - Natalie
NOMINEE: Michele

Veto Holder: KEVIN

Who do you think will win Big Brother 11? The finale isn't too far away! I hope Michele wins, she definitely deserves it, she won 3 veto's + 1 HOH and she will probably win it again this week too. Natalie is the biggest liar of the game, I hope she goes home!!!

So chat about Big Brother 11 US, here! :jmp:

The veto competition on Tuesday will be live, and whoever wins it will choose who goes home. On Thursday will be another live episode and the 3 part HOH competition will begin, and whoever wins HOH evicts one person, and after that, there are two left and the members of the jury house will all vote on September 15th.

Update: Kevin has won the veto and him and Natalie are planning on evicting Michele.