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08-09-09, 10:10
Did you like them?

08-09-09, 10:11
I loved them to death (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=117040).

08-09-09, 10:17
No!:mad:;) I'm playing Legend for the first time at the moment and I can't take much more of :cen: Zip & Alister's double act. I think Zip is slightly more annoying than Alister but only just. During the bike chases, I hate the way Zip keeps making stupid comments about Lara falling behind ect, always stating the :cen: obvious. Aaah...:hea:!
Spoiler if you haven't played TRU:
Now Alister's dead he'll never finish his dissertation; I wonder what it was about? Such a great loss to the academic world.:p One down one to go.:mis:


08-09-09, 10:17
And I like'em. Especially Alister. Oh...

08-09-09, 14:01
They are OK :)

the ancient
08-09-09, 18:48
Most of the time I liked them :D

Lara Fan 4Life
08-09-09, 18:51
Zip, OK, Alister does my ****ing head in! :cen:

09-09-09, 13:14
They are ok, I don't see prob with them as long as they don't keep giving tips to us the entire game:rolleyes:

09-09-09, 13:33
I hated them, too bad they killed Alister but haven't killed Zip yet... especially with the upcoming reboot. :(

09-09-09, 15:50
they're okay but they talk far too much!

Super Badnik
09-09-09, 18:33
No. Their constant chatting in Legend killed any atmosphere the game could have had. As for there cutscene only appearances in Underworld, i didn't really care one way or the other.

Uzi master
10-09-09, 01:20
well I liked Zip in Chronicals, alisters sarcasticness is amusing but if they had silence in tombs it would have bean MUCH better, don't see how she had such good reseption from in caves.

Nerd For Life
10-09-09, 02:00
They are OK.. when they're quiet. ;)

10-09-09, 02:44
They were fine, i would of liked if a talked a little less though

10-09-09, 03:36
They annoy me.... sooo much that I almost turned racist :eek:

AoD Lover
10-09-09, 04:33
They are okay. A lot of the times they were annoying, but I kind of thought they were funny at times. Shame that they made them talk waaayyy to much. The chronicles Zip was better.

10-09-09, 04:59
Alister was a bit annoying, but Zip... Oh my! I hate him, I HATE HIM :hea:


10-09-09, 05:49
Do I like them? Haha. Don't make me laugh. Those morons are the worst thing to ever hit the TR series and nothing has ever made me feel quite as satisfied as seeing Lara's sexy doppelganger murder Alister. He was lame and somebody needed to get the job done. One down, one to go. ;) Or, hopefully they'll just never speak of the stupid ******* ever again. That idiot moron...

10-09-09, 07:13
I love them in Legend and Underworld. They were annoying and needed to shut up sometimes, but they made me smile. Plus, I love the dynamics of their relationship and their relationships with Lara.

(Chronicles Zip I can't stand, largely because his dialogue is so cliche it makes Legend Zip's sound natural.)

10-09-09, 11:52
Alister was a bit annoying, but Zip... Oh my! I hate him, I HATE HIM :hea:


I totally agree with you >_> I really hate them >_>

10-09-09, 12:16
Oh my god, it seems I've fell in love with Al...

10-09-09, 12:56
I LOVE them!!:D As if anyone didn't know by now..... :whi:

Zip and Alister: http://images.zaazu.com/img/male28-male-inlove-love-smiley-emoticon-000070-large.gif


10-09-09, 17:14
LOVE them! :o :hug: two great funny guys!

Whtas not to love!? :D

10-09-09, 19:14
I liked them since it shows lara actually has some friends and better than lara knowing anything she has a research person and tech guy to make all her gear :D

12-09-09, 14:26
I LOVE them!!:D As if anyone didn't know by now..... :whi:

Zip and Alister: http://images.zaazu.com/img/male28-male-inlove-love-smiley-emoticon-000070-large.gif

KZAA ROCK!!! :D Hahaha, KZAA is really cool)) I love her arts :hug:

16-09-09, 19:22
You know, I wouldn't mind them that much, it's just that... They don't seem to fit in with the game somehow. I like the idea of having friends (/workers) of Lara's but Zip and Alister just seemed strange. And I agree that they could've talked a bit less... :P

Jedd Fletcher
18-09-09, 12:59
One review said they "sweetened the deal", and I pretty much agree. Look at my username! I'm pretty sad that Alister was killed in Underworld, but the sidekicks were fun and made the tombs less lonely in Legend. There were times when they did border on irritating, but I guess they never crossed the line.

Tomb Raider Master
18-09-09, 22:06
I like them, but they blabbed way too much in Legend. They don't deserve to die, though. ;)

Jedd Fletcher
19-09-09, 04:25
^^Motto. Death was too harsh a fate for poor Alister. He was just a bumbling, awkward academic. I don't understand the extreme hate for Zip and Alister that the GROZAA camp displays. Sure they may be irritating, but do they deserve to be kicked out of the TR franchise because of it? I don't think so.

19-09-09, 11:19
I didn't like them in legend because of the constant chatting. I much preferred them in TRU when they only appeared in cutscenes.

19-09-09, 13:23
KZAA, baby! ;) :cln:


Dennis's Mom
19-09-09, 13:53
Yes and no.

I loved the idea of Lara having a team (and two MEN working for her!) and I think they were very useful as a plot device to advance the story.

I hated how they were implement in Legend though. All that chatter ruining the levels. Totally destroyed the atmosphere.

Killing Alistair was cheap in TRU, and I was sorry they did it.

Carol H
19-09-09, 15:35
I agree, AmericanAssassin. Lara's doppelganger did what Lara should have done a long time ago, imo. That's why I love that sexy beast :D

Zip and Alister were completely useless (or rather TOO useful as they totally ruined the you-figure-it-out moments) and characters like that do not fit in games like Tomb Raider. The whole point of creating an atmosphere is pointless if you have it disturbed every few seconds. The way they were used in TRU was better but I still don't think they have any place in TR. In my opinion, the whole essence of Lara's character was that she was a lone raider, did whatever she needed to get what she wanted. On her own. Two imbeciles like that only slow her down and pose a possibility for blackmail (like when they were kidnapped in TRL).

Lara's doppelganger is what Lara used to be and is supposed to be, really.

19-09-09, 16:28
I liked them and even some of the headset banter ... until Zip started giving game hints and ruined the fun (i.e. telling me how to defeat Fluffy).

It was great seeing Lara have a team and social interaction, it made her seem a bit more human. Alister's death was poorly executed and Zip firing at Lara seemed incredibly out of character. He knows more than well if he were ever to gunfight Lara, he would lose badly.

25-09-09, 23:20
I quite liked their conversations in the game. Loved the arguement they had over Excalibur not being the sword in the stone.


25-09-09, 23:23
I loved Zip and Alister :o:o

I think in the next TR game which is set in the present time CD should make the headset optional... :D

25-09-09, 23:28
Lol 'And now for your enjoyment Lara, we're going to chat constantly about random things and deliberately put you off your adventure!'

*Lara is running through a dark cavern*


*Lara draws guns*

Zip: HAHAHAHAHA!! Made you look!!

Chocola teapot
25-09-09, 23:36
Absolutely Not.

25-09-09, 23:41
Zip: Hey Lara! Keep swinging on that rope! Your boobs are hypnotising alister here!!

Winston: Oh for gods sake Ive already mopped the floor and he's dribbling all over it!!

26-09-09, 01:51
Me, I liked Zip because of his funny comments towards Lara's abilities lol. Alister, No lol. He was kind of... I mean really annoying. He also looked like a little geeky nerd kid lol.

26-09-09, 02:40
I like their banter and arguments jaja

26-09-09, 11:30
Zip was really annoying in Tomb Raider Chronicles but he's been made much cooler now XD

27-09-09, 19:35
i really like zip and alister, i think they were a nice addition to the game and i like that lara has friends although i could see why some people don't like them because they were a bit annoying sometimes in legend.

Reckless Lara
05-10-09, 20:31
Meh..Their presence isnt annoying to me...:)

05-10-09, 20:35
Wow, am I glad Alister is dead now.
Zip isn't too bad, but Alister ?
Worst decision Cd Ever Made, Almost ;) .

06-10-09, 20:09
I like them :) they bring some sense of humour into the game, but I do think they talk far too much. I think it would of been better if they talked to Lara like Zip did in Beneath the Ashes, as he didn't say much.

But then again, as we saw in Chronicles, Zip does talk a lot :p

07-10-09, 01:26
Sometimes I found them amusing, but other times I just wanted them to be quiet. They talk SO much and I prefer raiding tombs in peace, alone.

07-10-09, 11:12
because I am enjoying having company while playing com. games , I like them both.:)

07-10-09, 17:38
I dislike them. Wish they would go away. I enjoy listening to the nature of the game. The birds, stream, waterfalls, wolfs......

07-10-09, 20:55
I get REALLY lonely when I play, so I'm enjoying them so far! Seriously, I'm always begging my flatmates to come watch me play for a bit, lol. I think if Lara just talked/thought to herself a bit more I'd be okay too, though.

08-10-09, 13:04
I like Zip and Alister. Yes, they can incredibly annoying at times, but they're characters which I couldn't help but like. I enjoyed hearing their banter during the game. I'm more of a casual gamer, so I'm not too bothered with the complicated puzzles etc and I'm more interested in characters and story.

09-10-09, 08:40
Absolutely hated them. They ruined the little atmosphere there was in Legend. And the fun in exploring and finding things for myself. I don't want a couple of idiots shouting out where I have to go and ruining the experience for me.

09-10-09, 12:28
I like them. They brought in some nice Character Relationship and Development, and when I was like "What the hell is Excalibur?" Alister told me already. It was nice to have some hints to the story. :D

But whne they gave away what to do, they just ruined it all. :ton:

09-10-09, 20:38
Absolutely hated them. I hated Zip more so I wanted him to die but I'm just glad one of them did.

10-10-09, 01:59
I think they can be kinda fun but I much prefer the isolation so I turn the voice volume all the way down so I can still hear everything in the cut scenes.:D

I think they're eh h so so in other words.
It depends on my mood

12-10-09, 11:28
I hated Alister. With that accent of his!! It killed me
But Zip was just fine...

12-10-09, 12:15
I love them both equally much, they brought some personality to the game... Got incredibly down when Alister died. :(

14-11-09, 17:16
I hated Alister. With that accent of his!! It killed me

Bloody thank you!!
You know that accent was just made up to annoy you, it's a pretty pathetic reason to not like someone

Edit: :p only taking offence coz I talk like that thank you very much.
It's like me saying I don't like someone who's Welsh coz they talk funny (which they do)

14-11-09, 17:43
Not much...
But Oxford will have kittens when they hear about this... :p So funny. I hate his accent _ It sounds wrong when he says that... Not natural...

14-11-09, 18:04
Not much...
But Oxford will have kittens when they hear about this... :p So funny. I hate his accent _ It sounds wrong when he says that... Not natural...

I've never heard anything more natural in my life >.<

14-11-09, 18:05
I've never heard anything more natural in my life >.<

It just sounded really weird to me...

14-11-09, 18:07
It just sounded really weird to me...

He was a little over enthusiastic about the idea XD

14-11-09, 18:11
He was a little over enthusiastic about the idea XD

Most defiantly... He's too geeky.

In my game, I put him in Pink... Like I did with Winston... And Zip :P

14-11-09, 18:14
It kinda suits him XD Aw bless, I like it!
Nicely done XD

14-11-09, 18:15
It kinda suits him XD Aw bless, I like it!
Nicely done XD

Thank you :D

14-11-09, 20:16
I like Zip, not so much Alister though.

15-11-09, 00:38
I like them, I loved the "your not alone" feeling with me being the coward I am. I really did love them soooo much :gki:

I cried when Alister died, then my one friend laughed at me and the other was like NOOOOO!:(

16-11-09, 05:58
I kinda like them when they haven't talked in a really long time, some part are boring, and you are not that focused:)
But Alister is so annoying! "My God, Lara!!" SHUT UP, will you SHUT UP??!!