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08-09-09, 15:01
Nevermind! Didn't realise when typing this up that a tunnel later on is under that pit. I know about the tunnel, but you know, I have mental problems. :vlol:

I noticed this a while ago, but then completely forgot to mention it.

In Bolivia, after you complete this part (http://tombraiders.net/katie/screenshots/tr7/scenery4.jpg) and an interactive cutscene starts, there appears to be what looks like a silver reward in the pit below. Are my eyes broken?

Here's a video... skip to 4:35 and watch the cutscene.


Sorry if someone has already spotted this before... I searched, I swear! :p

08-09-09, 15:12
i searched and retrieved the reward before

08-09-09, 15:12
There is a tunnel that leads down there after the IC :)

08-09-09, 15:15
*smashes head on desk*

Seriously? I got all the rewards in Legend, I completely didn't realize that one was in that pit.


Everyone ignore this thread.

08-09-09, 15:19
Lol you didn't know?! :p

Well now you know how to get it ;)

08-09-09, 15:20
Lol you didn't know?! :p

Well now you know how to get it ;)

I do know how to get it, I just totally didn't realise while typing this up that that's what the tunnel was. :vlol:

*wishes she had the power to delete threads*

08-09-09, 19:53
^How about if I just close it instead. ;)