View Full Version : Why does my finger hurt?

Indiana Croft
08-09-09, 19:29
I woke up yesterday with this incredible pain in the tip of my right ring finger. It got worse as the day went on. Today same situation. The pain never went away. But right now its like there's a ****ing knife in my finger tip.
I cannot stress it enough, i did not do anything unusual with my finger. i literally did not break routine or slam it in a door or any random thing. I just woke up and bam, my finger hurt.
Its kinda swollen, red, and hurts like a mother ****er. When i point my finger up it feels like the pain dissipates a little but when i point my finger down it feels like pressure is building and its gonna ****ing explode it immense terrible pain.
Does anyone know what could possibly be wrong?

08-09-09, 19:31
Sounds like you might have damaged a ligament?

08-09-09, 19:32
Maybe just a small infection on the inside or something, had that a couple of times too on other parts on my body, like my foot and also my thumb a couple of times. It goes away after maybe a week or 2

08-09-09, 19:32
Probably you got stung by a bee?

Indiana Croft
08-09-09, 19:34
Probably you got stung by a bee?

No, i literally did not do anything. I just woke up 1 day and it hurt. I mean like its a complete mystery. I had the most normal day and the next day this **** hurts.

08-09-09, 19:36
Its seems like the same problem as my mother has. Its called

08-09-09, 20:34
OMG, it's like this thread (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=152787) has come true :eek:

08-09-09, 20:45
Take yourself to the doctor. Because sadly we cannot diagnose what is wrong.