View Full Version : Dazzle (as well as a Test)

10-09-09, 02:07
Testing Dazzle recording software with TRU PS3.ignore the fails i am making in the game. I haven't played the game in a long time and the i had to play with a small screen in order to record stuff. i also couldn't use HDMI with Dazzle so i put up with regular composite cables. what do you think?



I'm asking this is for peoples opinions cause i may start being able to make real walkthroughs and show off my skills (or fails :p) for games on consoles. (yay)

10-09-09, 02:16
Can't you remove the sidebars?

10-09-09, 03:05
i think it was trying to do a 16:9 ratio (my older bro set it to that) but failed in the process. i'm not very tech savvy with this kind of thing. we just got it and will try experimenting wiht it,