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10-09-09, 15:02
This is a simple game and loads of fun! :D

Rules of the Game, Please remember no more than TWO posts per day to ensure there is no spam on this thread.

How to play this game so for example...

^ Answering a question that the person above you has asked.
> A random thought.
V Asking the person below you a new question!

Okay so the next person says..

^ No question above me
> I am really happy today
V What are you going to do today?

10-09-09, 15:08
^ Probably sit around, watching episodes of "Dead Like Me" on Hulu. :)
> I'm annoyed that I have to wait until tomorrow to change my avatar. :pi:
v What toppings do you like to put on your pizza? :mis:

Croft, Lara
10-09-09, 15:12
^ I don't.
> Last night was amazing!
\/ Who is your biggest idol?

10-09-09, 15:13
^Really dunno.
>I just noticed, I have the same shaved head that Britney had. :p
v What are you listening, watching?

10-09-09, 15:14
^ PINK!!!!!!
> Excellance is seconded to perfection....boring
V What's your computer called?

10-09-09, 15:19
^ Buggered if I know :p
> I must complete assignments!
v Do you like cheese?

young Lara Croft
10-09-09, 15:20
^ Yesssss!
>I am drinking a tea
v what are you doing this weekend?

10-09-09, 15:21
^ Maybe church. Maybe a boat ride. All full of maybe...
> I kind of have to pee, but I don't want to get dressed and go out there. :pi:
v What's your favorite scary movie? (And don't say you don't have one!)

10-09-09, 15:25
^ Final Destination.
> Nothing is better than Ice Cream! :D
V Are you watching TV now? :)

10-09-09, 15:26
^ My TV is off :D
> I'm listening to the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 OST
V Are you listening to any music?

10-09-09, 15:28
^ Nope hehe
> Grr the woman im getting my babay rats off has too much pm's to reply! gutted!
V What are you drinking/ what do you have to drink in the house?

Lee croft
10-09-09, 15:31
^ orange juice is avaliable to drink but im not drinking it
> im listening to the same song over and over :yah:
v do you like doughnuts?

10-09-09, 15:39
^ Occasionally.
> 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' is a legendary movie. :cln:
V Can you do the moonwalk?

10-09-09, 15:43
^ Yes :jmp:
> I am going to watch Moonwalker again on DVD soon! :D
V What was the last DVD you watched? :)

10-09-09, 15:51
^ Stargate The Ark of Truth
> I am going to the cinema on sunday yay. :D
V What's your favorite food?

10-09-09, 16:04
^ Fajitas
> Bath soon :) woo!
V Are you a spirtual person?

10-09-09, 16:12
^ No.
> I'm wondering what I smell like to other people :pi:
V Do you like cookies and milk? :3

10-09-09, 16:35
^Yes I love cookies and milk, ecpecially choclate chip:D
>I'm bored out of my ****ing mind:(
V If NemesisX13X replies below me I'll LMFAO:vlol:
Do you like vampires???:mis:

10-09-09, 16:39
^ they're okay (sry :p)
>i need to buy some eyeshadow tomorrow
Vwhen was the last time you went to the supermarket?

10-09-09, 16:47
Mmm...couple of days ago. Had to stock up on some things. Spam not included of course :whi:

In all seriousness, it's an interesting idea but this really does stray far too close to the idea of Open Chat so I'll close this.

Thanks for playing though :)