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11-09-09, 09:12
well here is the story: today i got TRL for PC (cheap :p ) and i wanted to mod....i already learned but i need to know HOW do i put the save data in the game! i already downloaded on TR hub the save data but how do i put it there? any help would be great! :)

11-09-09, 11:45
sorry for double post but just for sure if anybody saw my theard....hello? could anyone help me? im kinda need the info quick!

11-09-09, 12:23
I'm not entirely sure what you're after, but if it's the location to put the savegame files, if I recall correctly (I've not got Legend installed at the minute) there should be an Eidos folder in your My Documents folder (or Documents folder if your running Vista).

11-09-09, 21:29
^Yes, except that the folder is just called "Tomb Raider - Legend", not "Eidos" (that's for TRA).

X360M, please do not bump your thread like that - when people see the thread, they'll reply to it, you can't get them to reply just by posting twice.

12-09-09, 07:06
sorry but if i hadent did that maybe she woudent even saw my theard