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12-09-09, 18:51
I have a strong feeling this will be deemed as 'spam' but I'm giving it a shot anyway. I started my own blog awhile back with intentions of giving people a taste of my personal life, since I keep to myself most of the time and a lot of my nearest and dearest friends don't know much about me, personally anyway.

I understand there's a lot of misinterpretations and things of that nature about me here on TRF, and I'd just like to point out the following; despite that I am in general a very argumentative, often hypocritical and contradicting, and an all around *****, that doesn't mean I'm always that way.

For example, a few times I've posted something which people have taken the wrong way because of what they know about me. Yes, sheer ignorance and arrogance, I know. Well, I would appreciate it if people would stop assuming my attitude when posting and just quit trying to be all holier than thou when telling me "There's no need to be rude" or "You're such a jerk" and all that, when really, you were at fault for misinterpreting my post.

Just give me the benefit of the doubt. Trust me, when I'm trying to be mean, it'll be obvious. Half the time, I'm being playfully sarcastic or just having a bit of fun. People here don't know how to think differently. Just because I was mean before, doesn't mean I always am. And don't tell me "Well you should use smilies to let us know if you're kidding or not." I don't want to use smilies every other word in the posts like some fake people here do.

"Oh well that's just my opinion :):D I hope I didn't offend you:p"

You know who you are. Overused smilies get annoying and meaningless after awhile.

Now that the first part of this thread is out of the way, onto the second. A lot of people here and my friends, family, and acquaintances wonder why I'm so misanthropic and hateful of people, *****y and moody, and often negative. That's why I started my blog. I'm giving people the opportunity to learn why I am the way that I am.

http://justlikemason.tumblr.com (http://justlikemason.tumblr.com/page/19)
(I linked you to the first entry, if you'd like to read them in order.)

You'll get a taste of my views on subjects, my personal issues, rants, thoughts, and reflections on my past which highlight and foreshadow the present and future. By the time I'm finished with it, you'll have learned everything you need to know to fully understand me.

Just for the record, most of the time when I'm talking about people, it's people I know personally that are in my life. It's none of the people here, nor do any of the people here know who I'm talking about, so don't worry.

So if you're interested, read and keep up with the updates since I do update daily. Like I said, this will probably be deemed as spam. It wouldn't surprise me since I know of a few staff members who'd rather have my head on a plaque than allow me to be a member here if they were in charge. I won't be a name dropper, not today anyway.

Thanks for reading, and I hope I've enlightened the lot of you.

12-09-09, 19:23
That blog scares me.
I know that you're trying to tell us about yourself and I appreciate it but you seem judgemental at times. I'm just saying that since if you want to be really critical you should accept your own criticism.