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in these arms
13-09-09, 10:49
I'm currently designing a questionnaire for my Media Studies course, but I'm struggling on what questions to ask or write down.
It's all about what kind of media do people like the most, least like the most, and so on, but I'm struggling on finding more in depth questions, or just usual questions to ask.

Thanks :wve:

13-09-09, 10:53
Always start with the goal of the questionnaire, what do you want to do with it? "Asking some questions" is not a proper goal. :p
Formulate the goal and the scope and the rest should follow quite easily.

in these arms
13-09-09, 10:56
Well, could it be like, "Looking for peoples opinion on their thoughts on Media"?

Minty Mouth
13-09-09, 10:57
Why don't you ask your tutor for help, that's what they are for.

Anyway, A good place to start is always with general questions like Name, Age, Gender etc.

Croft, Lara
13-09-09, 10:58
1) Which of these do you usually do?
- Watch TV
- Listen to music
- Read magazines
- Add a few more of these.

2) How often do you go to the cinema?

(Give a few options)

3) Where do you usually watch films?

Cinema or home?

4) Do you download music or buy CD's?

5) Do you mostly download songs or whole albums?

6) Which of these TV shows appeals to you the most?

(Give a few options)

7) Do you go to see live bands?

Don't forget to ask age group and sex as tastes will differ depending on these.

13-09-09, 11:26
Well, could it be like, "Looking for peoples opinion on their thoughts on Media"?

No, that's way too vague... I would suggest you go to the library and pick up a book about conducting surveys. With a good book you should've grasped the basics within the hour.
There are countless different methods to survey people, but it all depends on a clear formulation of the goal. You need to have it very clear and very specific before you can continue. (Well, depending on how serious you are I suppose. :p)