View Full Version : Lara as a modern day person

13-09-09, 19:35
If Lara was a modern day LIVING person what do you imagine her as?

I see her as a savy English businesswoman with money who collects artifacts for her private collection in not so legal ways. She travels on "business" constantly to cover up for the fact she's really traveling to smuggle artifacts.

And I think politicians would hire her to "convince" important leaders to do their bidding. Like a negotiator who bends the rules.

What do you envision her as?

13-09-09, 19:44
Oh, I've never thought about it like that, I like your idea :) im too un creative to come up with my own XD

13-09-09, 19:47
Isn't she already a modern-day person?

13-09-09, 19:48
Tomb Raider takes places in the present :p

13-09-09, 19:49
No I mean like a real life person living in modern day. Not a fictional character :)

Edit: I just realized this is similar to threads about her having a real job... so disregard if u want lol

13-09-09, 20:43
Zoo Keeper :D

13-09-09, 20:45
She's a travel writer. That's what she did in the original bio and I've always thought of her that way...

Lee croft
13-09-09, 20:56
Working in the post card business because no one can truley do all that she does in real life therefore all else would fail.

13-09-09, 21:05
She'd be a sexy tomb raider plus archaeologist, i'd hire her for the INC.

13-09-09, 21:10
she's an ex-archeologist and lives in one of her third manors, it sits atop a hill and cliff side with trecherous spikey rocks shooting out of the shoreline 100000 of feet below, the trail to her house is garded by a large steal gate with LC formed into the metal. everyone skips this house on halloween as it looks to spooky to enter...

but inside is where he and winston live and she maintains her library, records, and artifact findings:)

Legend 4ever
13-09-09, 21:28
She's a fierce shopaholic who watches Tyra and hopes to one day start a new life in Hollwood, California as a socialite and Paris Hilton's BBF.