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14-09-09, 20:35
Has anyone ever seen this film/read this book.

I read the book recently and went on to buy the film. It's very bizarre but I did enjoy it a lot!

I just wondered if anyone has read it/seen it and can shed a light on a few things.

"Zorg"-How old is he meant to be? How did he actually meet Betty?

What is wrong with Betty? I realise she is "crazy" for lack of a better word but does anyone know what medically is actually wrong with her?

The baby deal-what went on their? I didn't understand that bit fully...did she just THINK she was pregnant and then went weird when she found out she wasnt?


Lara's Nemesis
14-09-09, 23:39
I saw it ages ago so I can't remember much but I think she was suffering from schizophrenia.

I'm also not sure whether she was really pregnant or not but the film is called "37.2 degrees in the Morning" in France. Supposedly that is the ideal temperature for female ovulation.

I always liked the poster from the film.:)


Sorry I couldn't have been more help.