View Full Version : Could anyone possibly help me pick out a camera??

Soma Holiday
14-09-09, 22:02
I have to take a video class and it was preached that we all had to buy MINI DV camcorders for a year, so I did, and today myself and 2 other students (all of which bought the exact same Sony Mini DV brand new cameras) had all of our cameras completely break in the middle of class. We called Sony and they told us to return them.

Well the other day the head of the department came in and declared that we didn't HAVE to have Mini DV cameras, that anything but DVD cameras would do...so I need some advice.

Should I TRY to find another MINI DV camera even though it's difficult to find a cheap one that works or hasn't been discontinued, or should I simply get a hard/drive camera instead. I am honestly not THAT interested in video. I know that MINI DV has the best quality, but I will probably not use this recorder after I take this mandatory class.

My budget is about 250-300 bucks, and I don't know if I should do flash drive or SD card, preferably the easiest. I'll be using Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 to upload and edit the video. We have a huge project due in a week and I have hardlyno footage...I'm quite frustrated. :o

Thanx anyone that can help. I've looked on camera sites, but there are so many...I don't know what I'm looking at really.