View Full Version : A realistic Harley Quinn

16-09-09, 02:53
I need help with a Harley Quinn painting I'm doing... I got the whole thing down but I wanna make her face realistic so I'm borrowing a celeb face to put on her body with the mask and all.... but I cant come up with a good celeb that could be as close to a crazy Harley Quinn as possible :confused:

Britney's better now so I can't do her... and I don't see gaga or lindsay or paris as a good harley. Idk I need help with a good young hollywood female celeb that could be a believable harley

any ideas? :)
thank youuuss :D:D

16-09-09, 03:27
yeck! don't mention any pop stars.

16-09-09, 03:43
Dakota Fanning?
Dunno why
But, with a older face she may look crazy as Harley