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Jedd Fletcher
19-09-09, 06:16
I just spend a heck of a lot of time transcribing the Japan level for a piece of fanfiction I may write. If I don't, I don't want to waste my effort either, so I've decided to post the transcription here for anyone who might want to use it. Enjoy.


(Lara gets into the lift)

Zip: What exactly happened last time you and Takamoto got together?

Lara: He was trying to pass off forged relics from the Asuka period and conventional reason doesnít work with the Yakuza

Zip: But you let him go.

Lara: And now weíre going to have a useful conversation. Itís turned out quite nicely.

Zip: Lara, got a call from Nishimura. Heís in his office so he wonít be mingling. The bartender will hook you up with him though.

Lara: Ever predictable.

(Lara approaches the bartender)

Lara: Good evening. I believe Nishimura-san is expecting me.

Bartender: Ah, Lady Croft! He is in his office down the hall behind you. I will let him know you are coming.

Lara: Thank you.

(Lara enters Nishimuraís office)

Nishimura: Welcome Lara. You have been enjoying my little party?

Lara: (In Japanese) Thank you, I am enjoying it very much. (In English) When Takamoto arrives, however, it may cause you someÖinconvenience.

Nishimura: Take care. He is a very dangerous man when his interests differ from yours.

Lara: Youíd be amazed how persuasive I can be. Even with dangerous men.

Nishimura: I am convinced. I am dangerous too, you remember? But please, enjoy the party while you can. Good luck.

(Lara exits the office to the lobby, where Takamoto and his men have arrived. The other party guests quickly vacate the area.)

Takamoto: Be brief Ms Croft. I have many demands on my time, you understand.

Lara: Of course, Takamoto-san. I am looking for a piece-a sword fragment, in the care of Waseda University. Or it was until you stole it.

Takamoto: (laughs) I am not a thief. And you would be wise to avoid such accusations.

Lara: Then I suggest we skip to negotiations.

Takamoto: I donít have any idea what you are talking about!

Lara: Of course you do. Just name a price.

Takamoto: Ms Croft, are you deaf?!

Lara: I donít know, letís seeÖtry begging for your life like you did the last time we spoke.

Takamoto: (In Japanese) Kill her!

(The Yakuza goons fire at Lara. She ducks behind the bar. Lara rips off the lower half of her dress and kicks off her shoes. She then reveals her USP Match handguns. A gunfight ensues.)

(Nishimura appears from hiding.)

Zip: Whereíd you get those?!

Lara: Basic etiquette. Never arrive at a party empty-handed (holsters guns)

Nishimura: Takamoto has no doubt returned to his penthouse. Do not follow him Lara, his men will be waiting.

Zip: His lobbyís a deathtrap. I know youíre into those, but itís not really a winning option.

Lara: If I canít go down, Iíll go up. (to Nishimura) How do I get to the roof?

Nishimura: The roof? There is an elevator. (hands her the key). Be cautious, there is construction above.

Zip: I donít know about this Lara.

Lara: Thatís why we have to view the problem from a different angle. Namely, the roof. Nishimura gave me the pass to the lift, and Iím on my way.

(Lara enters the lift)

(Lara reaches the top floor)

Lara: Odd place for a bike. And a nice one, too.

Zip. Huh. Itís a crime to keep a bike like that locked up on a roof.

(Lara exits onto the roof)

Zip: Alright, that building across the street? Thatís Takamotoís.

Lara: Heís likely to be on the top floor. This is going to require some creativity.

(Lara approaches an unfinished bridge)

Lara: I donít think this walkway gets much foot traffic. Terribly inconvenient. But I may be able to make use of it.

(Lara shoots an oil barrel that blasts open a cage, allowing her access to a climbing pole.)

Zip: Nishimuraís gonna bill you for that.

Lara: Itís not a party until something gets broken.

(Lara swiftly shimmies up the pole and reaches the top of the building. Once there, she uses her grapple to pull open the skylight and drops into the attic. Lara hops onto the Ducati bike.)

Alister: Lara, what exactly do you think youíre doing?

Lara: Mmm, listen to that. Naught to sixty in under three seconds.

Alister: Be careful up there. Thereís more road down below than there is up top.

(Lara revs the bike and heads towards the unfinished walkway, using it as a ramp. She dismounts the bike in mid-air, catching on the top of the bridge with her magnetic grapple.)

Zip: Lara, this is crazy-people stuff!

(The bike tumbles onto the other side, igniting several canisters of gas. Lara touches down on the other side, just as she notices the canisters burning. She dives down, sliding down a rail to a lower level, narrowly missing a massive explosion.)

Alister: Donít ever do that again.

Lara: Not on that bike I wonít.
(Lara tries to walk across some pivoting planks that teeter off-balance).

Alister: At least when sheís leaping about on cliffs, they stay put.

Zip: Man, I donít know what sheís thinking. Sheís crazy!

Lara: I can hear you, you know. And itís a tad distracting.

Alister: Sorry Lara.

Zip: Okay, shutting up now.

(Lara shoots a rope holding a window, and then uses that rope to swing to the other side. Once at the end of the row of planks, she slides down a zipline to the adjacent building. Lara uses the grapple to pull metal platforms close to her, than jumps from one to another, eventually making her way to Takamotoís building. Yakuza goons and ferocious guard dogs appear. She fends them off.)

Zip: Okay, it gets worse from here. This is like a Yakuza factory.

Lara: Then letís see about shutting it down.

(Lara enters the door and goes up a flight of stairs.)

Zip: Where are they? Itís not like they donít know youíre there.

Lara: Youíll see them when I do.

(Lara opens another door and enters an office. There is a large screen showing stock Market numbers. Lara gets into a fierce gunfight with the Yakuza goons in the office.)

Zip: Looks like thereís no way out.

Lara: Thereís always a way Zip.

(Lara shoots two points anchoring the screen, and then uses the grapple to pull it down).

Zip: Sheís never cared for TV much.

Alister: She did them a favour. Maybe now theyíll read a book for a change.

(Lara guns down two more guards, and then proceeds outside.)

Alister: There could be more out there Lara. Do be careful.

(Lara gazes up at a series of electronic advertising display boards.)
Lara: What a lovely evening to be outside.

Zip: Uh oh. You know what that means.

Alister: Iíll go get the dimenhydrinate.

(Lara ascends a pole and jumps from platform to platform, pole to pole, using her grapple or body weight to pull the screens vertical when necessary in order to access poles and beams.)

Alister: Please donít look down!

Lara: Heights donít bother me Alister.

Alister: They make me positively nauseous.

Zip: Like I told her in Bolivia.

Lara: Iíll try my best to keep my chin up, but I do need to concentrate, if you donít mind.

(Lara reaches the last pole, then jumps and swings from one fragile flagpole to another in this last stretch.)

Zip: Hurry up Lara, itís not gonna hold.

Alister: Hurry Lara, theyíll snap at any second!

(Lara swings to safety. She opens a door that leads to the lobby of Takamotoís penthouse. She deals with the guards she sees, Shooting down a chandelier that comes crashing down on the unfortunate Yakuza beneath it. Her bullets also destroy other precious artworks-that were probably stolen anyway)

(Lara proceeds to a hallway guarded by a machinegun turret).

Zip: Woah! Hang on, you see that turret down the hall?

Lara: Yes. You smell a trap?

Zip: I do. Be careful.

(Lara goes over to a security console and has a look at the camera feeds. She then turns on the sprinkler system that reveals laser sensors lining the corridor. Lara has an idea: she approaches an ornamental ball and rolls it off its stand)

Zip: Whatís that?

Alister: Itís more modern art than archaeology, in this context at least. As lovely as that is, donít you think itís a little big to bring home by yourself?

Zip: Just let the lady work, buddy.

(Lara rolls the ball in front of her down the corridor, using it as a shield from the turret.)

Alister: Now thatís art with form and function.

Zip: Made it. How bad you hit?

Lara: Iíve been better. Letís not do that again.

(Lara enters a meeting room where she finds Takamoto waiting.)

Takamoto: You should not have come here! This is my province, not one of your rotten little tombs!

Lara: Tell me about the sword, Takamoto.

Takamoto: What about it?! What is it that fascinates you, Ms Croft?

Lara: Let me have a look at it and Iíll tell you.

Takamoto: Your persistence will be the death of you!

(gunfight ensues)

(Lara uses the grapple to pull on an ornamental hanging dragon, releasing it so its nose crashes into a glass pane. Lara enters the next level, picks up some ammunition and gets into the elevator to the penthouse.)

Takamoto: You have disrespected me. You have broken into my house. You have killed my men!

Lara: Iíve simplified your payroll. And now, if you donít mind, Iíll streamline your inventory.

Takamoto: You speak of this? It is the most prized of my collection.

Lara: And why is that?

Takamoto: I am fond of recovering artifacts from dead Englishmen. In this case, one of your crusaders. Some have even said the warmonger was one of your King Arthurís knights. I do not know how the fool came by it, for it is clearly far older than the 11th century, when your people lived in huts of mud.
Lara: And for this reason youíd rather die than hand it over?

Takamoto: No. For this one!

(He swings the staff and a deadly green blast of energy is produced. Lara eventually defeats Takamoto, buying time by chasing him around the circular upper floor of the penthouse and hiding behind ornamental monuments, which absorb most of the impact of the blast.)

Takamoto: You will not be so lucky this time.

Takamoto: Where is your clever tongue now?

Takamoto: Your movements betray your confusion.

Takamoto: Now, you will see your foolishness!

Takamoto: Beg for your life!

(Lara eventually defeats Takamoto)

Lara: This is it alright.

Alister: Did you see what it can do?

Lara: Yes Alister, I did.

Zip: Nishimuraís got a chopper outside waiting for you.

Lara: Excellent. Tell him heís my new favourite person.

(Lara ascends a rope ladder and boards Nishimuraís helicopter.)

Lara: Thank you Nishimura-san! I am very relieved to find you here.

Nishimura: I am relieving myself too. What about Takamoto? Where is he?

Lara: It depends on whether he was naughty or nice.

Zip: Got a line on James Rutland by the way. Wanna go to Ghana?

Lara: Absolutely. Africa is among my favourite continents.

(The helicopter flies off into the night).

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Hey, you forgot Takamoto's dying last words:

Takamoto: (in Japanese) Assassin! (in English) Hell will swallow you!

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