View Full Version : Does anyone still do Jigsaw Puzzles??

24-09-09, 19:05
Hiya me again :wve:
Does anyone still do jigsaw puzzles??

If not...
WHY :eek:

If so please answer these...

1.What Number of pieces do you frequently do ( Like 500, 1,000 etc)?
2.Hardest jigsaw you done?
3.How frequently do you do them?
4.How Many Jigsaws have you got all together?
5.Do you 3D jigsaws as well?

If anymore questions go to my head i want to know i will post more..

3.About every week


Chocola teapot
24-09-09, 19:07
I Have done A 3D Tower Jigsaw, It was fabulous! :)

24-09-09, 19:07
OMG i still use jigsaws! i have a sheep one YAY

24-09-09, 19:10
^ :vlol:

24-09-09, 19:11
^ :vlol:
i do! , its adroable :D sheepyzz :) my auntie got me it for my birthday :o coz i like sheep so much XD

24-09-09, 19:13
I just finished a 1000 pieces Jigsaw puzzle few months ago.

http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/6006/oppuzzleship09.jpg (http://img27.imageshack.us/i/oppuzzleship09.jpg/)

Luvin it. Took me a week to do it, gosh I'm rusty.

As to your questions:

1. Last was 1000 pieces
2. The 1000 pieces, since that's the only one I got recently. Haven't played for yeaars
3. Rarely
4. I've got many before but now I only got that one in my possesion currently.
5. No, but I have seen them before. If the model is interesting then I might give it a go. Currently the models are bland and boring. I mean seriously, a Mickey Mouse 3D Model? Hmmpph...

24-09-09, 19:56
I sometimes do feel like making one, but I don't have any...

Minty Mouth
24-09-09, 19:57
I am impatient.

Impatience + Jigsaw puzzle = FAIL

Ada the Mental
24-09-09, 20:21
Last one I did was a 2000 pieces picture of some mountains, a few years ago. I have a similar 3000 one, but I don't have enough space in my room to do it. Or enough time and patience. :p

24-09-09, 20:21
I really like them but unfortunately right now I haven't got any big space where I can work and leave them overnight.

The one's I've done in the past were usually 1.000 piece. I have one that I bought not so long ago, of a scene from the Sistine Chapel. I'd really like to do it sometime. :(

24-09-09, 20:24
I sometimes do feel like making one, but I don't have any...

^ This for me :wve:
I do have quite a nice one that I bought from Germany though :D *goes and does it XD*

24-09-09, 20:31
I am impatient.

same.always hated em!especially the ones with small pieces :mad:

the only puzzle i enjoyed and put together once in a while is with 2 kitties and some flowers :D (it's pieces are huge btw :whi:)

24-09-09, 20:39
I love doing mystery puzzles. They're always fun to do!

I just brought a lush tutankhamun one well cheap with metallic pieces so the picture is all shiny! Its sooooooo going on my wall when Ive done it!

25-09-09, 20:01
What's a mystery puzzle? :confused:

25-09-09, 21:00
What's a mystery puzzle? :confused:

You have a booklet that gives brief details of a murder. So basically it introduces characters alibi's and a few clues. What you have to do is assemble the jigsaw and from the picture formed, you can find clues that will lead to the killer. Then once you think you know who it is you read the encrypted text on the back of the booklet! :D

25-09-09, 21:21
But it sounds like you can play it only once? From your description it feels like Cluedo to me.

Anyway I love solving crimes/murder. Sounds thrilling. :D

25-09-09, 21:25
But it sounds like you can play it only once? From your description it feels like Cluedo to me.

Anyway I love solving crimes/murder. Sounds thrilling. :D

Yeah you can play it once, but they can be pretty fun. Cluedo have released mystery puzzles in the past. The latest one I did was 'six cases of murder' where I had to work out HOW they were killed when there was no possible murder weapon. My only clue where the contents of six suitcases. It was really good! I also brought a CSI one where you use a UV light to find hidden clues! Its great. :jmp:

25-09-09, 21:32
I love jigsaws. I used to do them with my auntie before she died. We'd have so much fun smashing pieces into holes that didn't fit :D

I've not really done one since she died.

25-09-09, 23:21
I'm so sorry igonge :(

25-09-09, 23:40
I love 'em... it's hard to find good ones with lots of pieces. I don't have much interest doing puzzles smaller than 2,500 pieces.

I have a 3,000 piece one I need to work on (with my wife), and then I'd like to get online and find some bigger ones. I like the challenge--but it has to be a good picture too.