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25-09-09, 02:40
Hello all,

I just thought of an Idea for the forums.
A Blog! Where people can talk about things that you would talk about in a blog.
This would be similar to Open Chat but it seems smarter and vBulletin is able to have them to! :D

It seems a good idea, maybe someday we might have the feature! :)

Discuss :wve:

25-09-09, 02:41
I actually like that idea! :whi:

25-09-09, 02:44
quite agree with nemesis x3

25-09-09, 02:51
There was a poll about it and the forum voted it down :wve:.

25-09-09, 02:51
Justin once suggested this thing. But most of the forum said NO. :wve:

Exactly Mokis :tmb:

25-09-09, 02:51
^ You guys are supposed to express your own oppinions, not mention others. :p

25-09-09, 02:52
Ok then, I'll say it again.

No thanks :wve:

I think no. :)

SOURCE (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=154296)

25-09-09, 07:37
Alright then: Why would we need it? What would any of you write there? I have no idea how a forum blog would work, but speaking generally, if you want to have a blog, using some dedicated blog provider seems like a much better idea.

25-09-09, 07:39
I wouldn't mind such a feature...might be fun :p

25-09-09, 07:50
I dont see why not. If you dont want the feature... don't read them? ;)

25-09-09, 07:56
There used to be a while ago but not many people really used it, and it was since closed. And Justin posted a poll asking people if they would like it again and it didn't get many positive votes.

I personally don't see the point in the idea, rather just make a thread where people can link to their own blogs.

25-09-09, 09:47
I dont see why not. If you dont want the feature... don't read them? ;)

It costs money. That's why Justin did a poll on it.

25-09-09, 09:55
More piles of spam?.. No, thanks! :ohn: