View Full Version : SNL Cast Member accidentally dops F Bomb on live TV

28-09-09, 03:50
If you tuned in to the SNL season premiere last night (hosted by Megan Fox, it was horrible IMO), and you're on the East coast to see it live, you probably heard it's new cast member Jenny Slate accidentally say the F word. Honestly, the skit had the word "frickin" muttered every other word said so I wasn't surprised and it was the funniest part of the night for me.

Who saw this? Discuss.

Agh: I put dops instead of drops in the title :mad:

28-09-09, 04:38
I only heard friggin and fricken.... i mustve missed it lol

28-09-09, 04:42
I caught it too xD the biker chick skit :vlol: