View Full Version : The Brand new sugababes single

28-09-09, 16:31
here it is the brand new sugababes single featuring brand new vocals from new member jade ewen

about a girl

28-09-09, 16:33
I'm glad Jade Ewen joined and all but her vocals suck in this version. I have to say... I actually prefer Keisha's version.

28-09-09, 16:37
That was the equivalent of dunking my head in fresh horse ****.

Kelly Craftman
28-09-09, 16:39
its not bad :tmb:

Nenya awakens
28-09-09, 16:45
Eugh, they have lost everything that made them stand out, it's just typical chart tat now. the last couple of albums have been rubbish imo.

I think it would be great if the former members did something fresh together because they had a spark.

28-09-09, 16:55
I like the original better.
Jade's a good singer, and will make then stronger overall, but I liked Keisha's voice the best of the last 3 :(.

Chocola teapot
28-09-09, 17:32

28-09-09, 18:26
Both versions are great (Jades version is better, naturally)

I look forward to the album!

28-09-09, 18:30
They used to be more unique and more edgy, all thats lost now and they're so similar to the other girl bands out there, this song is like something The Saturdays or PCD would release. Before when they released "round round" and "freak like me" etc. they had an edge that made them stand out from the crowd.

I accept that they have to change and I quite like the song in its own right, but it doesn't really seem a Sugababes song if you know what I mean. Same with Get Sexy.

28-09-09, 18:35
I agree, I prefer Keisha's version aswell. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with Jade, just that I guess I have gotten used to Keisha's version of this song.

28-09-09, 18:44
Like Jade but not with the Sagababes. They're a totally different lineup and it shows especially when you compare that new video/song to this one:


They're the Sugababes I knew of. That's the music industry for you I guess, they know little about meaning and plenty about money. Allll profit.

28-09-09, 19:02
Hey that's actually a pretty good song. Not as pointless as Get Sexy at least. Their style is so so so different though, and I don't think it's the good kind of different.