View Full Version : Bolivia Time Trial Completed But No Special Menu

28-09-09, 23:20
Hello all,

After completing Bolivia and Croft Manor, I completed the Bolivia Time Trial in 12:16; however, at the end of the trial, it showed my completion time as 14:34 and the completion status as "yes." So, now I try to activate the cheat code via Extras > Specials but Specials is greyed out and when I try to enter the code during gameplay (or a cut scene), it does nothing. This is the PS2 version. Any insight would be appreciated.



29-09-09, 00:00
You need to finish the game first, and then you'll be able to use the cheats that you've unlocked :)

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29-09-09, 00:10
Thank you Tony9595,

Some sites indicate an "either or" scenario where you either complete the game or complete the level and then complete the trial so that's why I was confused. Thank you again for clearing up my confusion.