View Full Version : Big Photobucket change

29-09-09, 00:36
Yesterday my free account had 82% of the space used. Today I'm only using 25%! I seem to have the same number of pics, and they have the same number of pixels, but the originals on my computer are about 9 times bigger in KB!?! The images seem to look as good as the originals, so the only thing I can think of is that they instituted a new compression scheme.

Having a lot more usable space is nice, but these surprise changes worry me. I can't find anything on their site.

Anyone else notice this? Any ideas what's happened?

29-09-09, 00:37
I use tinypic, but i've thought about converting :p sounds cool though!

29-09-09, 00:37
I haven't noticed it by myself yet, but it's definitely a good new, since you won't have to erase any of your valuable screenshots.

29-09-09, 00:38
I noticed that a long time ago, it's realy helpful :)
It takes a long time to load them if they're really big, but once they are on photobucket they're compressed :)

And looking good as always :jmp:

29-09-09, 00:43
I onyl upload my pictures, thats it so I don't notice any changes to the actual site:0:D