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01-10-09, 08:05
Ok just bear with me and im not meaning to offend or upset anyone here but i just been thinking a lot lately, maybe my minds doing overtime but is Micheal Jackson really dead ? !!!!

When you look at the run up to it im not sure.

First off his career plumated after the Bashir incident and Micheal owed a lot of people a lot of money and was claimed to be heavily in debt. The press was neither bad nor good and all seemed a bit doom and gloom.
Micheal knew he was an ill man and agreed to a huge tour ? !! Odd.
The title of the tour "This is it" hmmm not sure!!!
An already solid contiency plan with the tickets which meant no money would go back to the fans that paid for them.
The funeral was so quick, my grandpa had a normal coffin, normal funeral etc and that took agggesss to be made and done, Micheals elaborate case seemed to be made so quickly.
And a film now in teh cinema, im sure editing take a lot longer than that .
Is he alive ? Racked in the money and now has his debts settled and is living in hiding from the media that tormented his life ?

I dunno myabe my minds doing overtime, im not saying this is it, im just wandering if anyone else thinks its kinda odd ?

01-10-09, 08:27
Michael Jackson is Alive... In our hearts. :)

But I still believe all famous music icons are sent somewhere so they can live forever. :pi:

01-10-09, 08:54
Of course he's alive. He's in Cornwall or somewhere, working in Subway with John Lennon and Elvis. :)

But yeah. He's definetely died. I don't think a celebrity would go that far to fake their own death.

01-10-09, 08:56
He is alive in the same way that Bielefeld does not exist.

01-10-09, 10:50
As much as I would love to believe that MJ was still alive, he isn't. And it's such a shame :(

His music will never be forgotten

01-10-09, 11:16
He's just as alive as Elvis. Not alive literally, but alive in our hearts. :)

We really don't know how he died though. But I think he knew he would die soon.