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02-10-09, 12:48


Cheryl Cole's new single 'Fight for this love' comes out on October 19th from the album 'Three Words' (Album cover displayed above). View the full song below. It really grows on you and she can really dance! :tmb: Share your thoughts?


Nenya awakens
02-10-09, 13:02
It's so bland, i expected a lot more from her.

02-10-09, 13:03
I was only introduced to Cheryl Cole earlier this week courtesy of -DaNnEe.. And I have to say that I do like her. I'm in the process of downloading her songs. :)

Oh, and one of my friends saw her at HMV and he had no idea who she was. :vlol:

02-10-09, 13:37
She's kinda annoying an overexposed, I like her song though *shock*
I'll probably download the album out of curiosity.. and end up loving it -_-

02-10-09, 13:46
I prefered her when she was in Girls Aloud. She seems like a lovely girl though and has a whole lot more of a reason to be a judge on X-Factor than Danni. (I mean, seriously. Danni has next to no talent.) Her new song is a bit disapointing to say the least, but I still like her work with Girls Aloud. Wouldn't say I was a massive fan though. :p

02-10-09, 14:25
Dannii has next to no talent ? She could probably sing Cheryl under the table.

I do like Cheryl, but she's not a great singer, she's an okay singer.

02-10-09, 14:41
You would though, wouldn't you?... :pi::p

02-10-09, 14:45
I really like the song, but i think Cheryls voice is really weak on it!

And dancing?! Thats dancing?... :pi:

02-10-09, 14:45
You would though, wouldn't you?... :pi::p


Seriously, compare Cheryl singing to Dannii...

Simon is so faking his approving nod at 1.12 :vlol:

Jack Croft
23-12-09, 16:18
3rd Single is Parachute.

3 Words (Album Version) is bad, bad and bad but the Steve Angello Re-Reproduction Radio Edit is very good indeed.

23-12-09, 16:23
Heaven and Make Me Cry are my favs

Jack Croft
23-12-09, 16:25
Now I only listen to:

Fight for this Love (Album Version)
Fight for this Love (Moto Blanco Remix)
Parachute <3
3 words (Steve Angello Radio Re-Production)
Stand Up
Happy Hour

23-12-09, 16:27
I really like this:


Capt. Murphy
23-12-09, 16:36
When I first read the topic title I thought it said Cherry Coke. :ton:

23-12-09, 16:38
I don't know about her music but she's a fantastic specimen.

Jack Croft
23-12-09, 16:48
I don't know about her music but she's a fantastic specimen.

Best. Keir. Post. Ever