View Full Version : Need Advice????

02-10-09, 19:41
I'm in love with my female best friend and she knows how I feel but she don't feel the same, she very fond of me and we still hang out together.. any advice????? :( :( :(

02-10-09, 19:43
Not really. :( All you can do is remain her friend and try to move on. :o

02-10-09, 19:50
Move on, there's not a point risking a friendship over it. It's better that way. ;)

02-10-09, 20:01
Yes, I agree. Try to get over it, if she doesn't feel the same.. :(
I wish you good luck! :hug:

02-10-09, 20:20
Fair enough, I accept your advices. :confused:

02-10-09, 22:49
Fair enough, I accept your advices. :confused:

To be perfectly honest.. stay best mates, because you'll get to know more about her and, how she feels, and what she thinks.. just be a shoulder to cry on. It'll also help you move on.. as people suggest you do, it will be hard but you'll get by :)

02-10-09, 23:57
Stay friends because if you try to make a move she WILL get weirded out and feel like you are no longer "safe." Stay in friend zone or she'll want to drop you as a friend. There's a billion other girls that are out there don't get caught up with just one