View Full Version : Contest Idea: highest team score in web base game

03-10-09, 05:01
I was thinking earlier that it would be a fun thing to have a contest where several teams are matched up at random to play (individually) a free web based game. Once the competition begins, 2 weeks will be allowed for contestants to rack up their highest score possible and post the screenshot in the 'entries' thread. The team with the highest average score would be the winners. Sorry, I can't offer any radical prizes other than bragging rights. If anyone is interested, feel free to sign up and suggest a game. I personally like ZUMA! but it doesnt necessarily have to be this one. alternately, and which was my original idea (but I can't seem to think of any off hand), if anyone knows of any free games (friendly for both MAC and PC) where you can specify your team mates - please mention em and we can have a real team vs team match up.

let the games begin!

err... something like that.