View Full Version : Items of Good Design in your home

young Lara Croft
03-10-09, 05:57
Take this thread as a survey out of curiosity.

Do you own any object in your home made by a famous designer?
Or any item that combines the 'form follows function' concept, that you are proud or just happy to be using because it's easy to handle and doesn't need much space or can actually combine many utilities ( the 2 or 3 in 1concept ).

03-10-09, 08:15
In front of our home we've had cars designed by Walter Maria de’Silva (in fact the only beautiful car he ever did), Giugario and Centro Stilo Alfa Romeo. I think any of those qualify as good design. :D

Moving inside, I have lots of products designed by Jonathan Ive, which also qualify on the "fun to use" front. A number of my external hard drive enclosures are designed by F.A. Porsche, but are optically and functionally not really different from any others. Other than that, lots of small things, but nothing really too large and/or expensive.