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03-10-09, 20:44
Hi, i have a problem with lighting. Im doing an outside place with many rooms connecting but as lighting is different in different rooms the door of the rooms has a line which is really hard to get rid of!


03-10-09, 21:02
You have to keep adjusting the intensity of the lighting in order for it to match the corresponding room. :)

God Horus
03-10-09, 21:09
This happens to me a lot too, so lets say one room is slightly darker than the other, and it leaves that big ugly crack when you look at them with draw doors, an easy way to do it is to place effect bulbs all around the door and make them brighter/darker and change the colour so they fit. I used this trick a lot in my pool room which was about 5 stacked rooms.

03-10-09, 21:17
Another thing worth trying is clicking on the pink "refresh" button.
But that does not always smoothen the lighting transition from one room to another well enough.
And that's when God Horus' method comes in.

I had the same issue with some of the areas in my outdoor HM levels and I also solved it by placing lights around the doors and fiddling with the position of the suns. It take time to get right, but it sure is worth the effort. :D

God Horus
03-10-09, 22:08
But remember sometimes it looks bad in the editor, but in game it has fine transition, this happened to me when I tried to make a big pit.

03-10-09, 22:10

Thanks everyone and God Horus yh i noticed that ;)

03-10-09, 23:30
Did i say you could use my edited textures?? Can't remember if you asked me or not :D

04-10-09, 12:53
Tr95 it wont let me pm you or leave a comment on your page regarding your question but i added you on msn