View Full Version : POLL: SOCA awarded new powers to cut crime

tlr online
25-11-04, 10:48
A new agency dubbed the "British FBI" tops new plans to tackle criminal gangs and drug dealers. The Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) will spearhead efforts against criminal networks which make an estimated 40bn a year.

According to the Beeb, SOCA's new powers will be biometric identification of suspects "in the street", and the ability to enter ANY premises without a warrant based on a suspicion of illegal activity. This would also support the introduction of ID cards which invariably would aid SOCA in revealing someone's identity.

Q. Biometric identification, ID cards, SOCA's new powers... at what point does this infringe our privacy? Our right to be private? Do you think we're leaning more towards a nanny-state?

25-11-04, 11:42
I chose option two (to have options)

"I should be able to chose what is recorded about my activities, and elect whether or not to appear on a master ID database."

25-11-04, 18:55
I have nothing to hide, i was just reading about these biometric scan things, the future possibilities are endless i think its fasanating.

26-11-04, 01:04
Nanny state? I think you mean Police state tlr. I voted option 2.