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04-10-09, 13:41
Has any of you ever visited any of "the Dungeons" in europe?
These include:
The London Dungeon
The Edinburgh Dungeon
The York Dungeon
Hamburg Dungeon
The Amsterdam Dungeon

I've only visited the Amsterdam Dungeon so far, even better, I work there 5 days a week. I really want to see the London Dungeon very soon though. I really love the idea of the Dungeons because of it's rare mix of History, Horror and Theater. Eventhough the Amsterdam Dungeon is pretty small, alot of people seem to enjoy it. I wish I could work as an actor there (alot of the actors tell me I got the potential), but I was just a week late for the auditions. Luckily I could get a job as a commercial worker. In a couple of months I'll try to do audition :)

So anyway, share your Dungeon experiences :)

(new attraction in Amsterdam)

04-10-09, 14:54
Went to the York Dungeon a couple of weeks back with JohnYork! Was great. Much creepier than I expected. Jumped out of my skin a couple of times, and the actors there were very freaky. I'd love to check out the others sometimes, or even go back to that one!

04-10-09, 14:56
I walked into a mirror in the Labyrinth when I last went there :(

...9 times.

04-10-09, 14:56
I've always wanted to go to the London Dungeons. Has anyone else been? :)

04-10-09, 15:00
I walked into a mirror in the Labyrinth when I last went there :(

...9 times.

:vlol: I was so cautious in that place, kept feeling like I was going to walk into other people, before noticing that they were mostly reflections of me. Then that bloody screaming banging wall thing kept popping out at random intervals, scared the life out of me!

04-10-09, 15:19
Only been to York dungeons. Amazingly realistic :tmb:

Things I remember most are the corridors with the skeletons hanging from the ceiling, and the woman screaming. Also the court room :p

04-10-09, 15:24
I've been to the London Dungeon before. it's fun :)

The mirror maze is a nightmare!


04-10-09, 15:40
I have been to the London Dungeon a few times.


Last time they wanted to execute me for being a witch....typecasting again....

04-10-09, 17:09
That maze screamy thing scared the crap outta me! Was brilliant, though. Very different to the last time I went, which was about 7 years ago. Can thoroughly reccomend Riv as someone to go to a dungeon with - he gets so scared it's hilarious! :D

I've been to the Edinburgh dungeon in the past - very cool boat ride thing in the middle of it.

Would really like to go to the London one at some point.

04-10-09, 18:11
haha! :vlol: funny pics Jackie and Chris !

04-10-09, 18:24
Can thoroughly reccomend Riv as someone to go to a dungeon with - he gets so scared it's hilarious! :D

That doctor guy was sneering and cackling and taking more than perverse pleasure from tearing innards from a plague-victim corpse! He was sniffing and rubbing them against himself - I shudder to think what he may have done if there were no crowd to witness his antics!

Of course I was scared!


05-10-09, 00:21
I went to the London Dungeons about 2 weeks ago... it was my first time in London and it was the most fun thing to do in London. The layout and design was excelent, I luved it! :)

05-10-09, 00:38
It was like a good 4/ 5 years since ive been but it was wicked! Went to London Dungeon.. the actors were great too!