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06-10-09, 05:49
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I've been viewing youtube videos of theoretical physicist Michio Kaku and they are just fascinating!

He's basically said in the one above that there's 3 types of world civilizations.

Type 1 controls natural energy within the planet
Type 2 exhausts all energy in planet and uses energy from nearby star to power giant machines
Type 3 uses energy from an entire galaxy not just a star.

He says we're going to become a type 1 civilization in the next century...
In some of the other videos I saw he talks about how there may be multiple parallel universes each one born from another... and how according to quantum physics reality is created through our own individual observations. So therefore whats outside of you is kinda based on your consciousness of it it's not really real at all... or you create your reality something like that
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Fascinating stuff :D

06-10-09, 07:27
I dont have time to watch the vid's but he appears on the discovery science channel's adverts :D He's fascinating.

06-10-09, 10:41
Science comes closer to religions' mystical roots...

06-10-09, 11:21
The problem from type 0 to type 1 is like he said, the cultural merging process. A lot of people will oppose the so called main culture which will be type 1. I too am not fond of hollywood ''culture'' as it seems to be centralized on themselves. A single person is more important than a thousand starving ones. Riding ridiciously big cars with lots of energy usage and then complaining about not having enough oil to power their monster trucks. Pathetic in my opinion.

If there would be compromises and people would eventually learn to accept others for their differences, then type 1 would be possible whilst still keeping other cultures as well. At least that is what I made out from what he talked about. I'm not sure if I made any sense or if I even made the point I wanted to make.. having a headache from all the thinking.

06-10-09, 19:23
Science comes closer to religions' mystical roots...

Absolutely :D We are in such exciting times... science is moving closer and closer to answering religion's questions. And it seems more and more like religion and science do not conflict but are saying similar things. The truth behind religions I think can be proven by science. Religion just turns those truths into form and allegories instead of keeping it pure so that man could better comprehend it back in the day. But now we are more scientific and we can attempt to understand things beyond just forms and teachings.

@ MickiZ88 yea what you're saying makes sense. But the way I see it moving into a type 1 civilization will be based on evolution. Which I think means that the uneducated and impoverished if not "brought up" will end up being the ones at the bottom of the food chain to die off as the people of the world evolve. I think also in the future our bodies will change quite a bit. I think once we harness technology we can actually become part human and part robot. For example... a robotic brain and heart that will not die off.... we could possibly become immortal. Idk this is scary stuff lol there's too many possibilities... And if we ever make contact with extraterrestrials which Kaku believes we will then imagine having a cross species. We'll have a robot species, human species, alien species... and then mixing of them just like the various races have done on earth

Looks like Star Wars is one day not going to be fiction lol

06-10-09, 19:40
Meh, nothing I haven't heard before! Beware, the robots are coming to a galaxy near you! :p