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06-10-09, 23:36
Link: http://www.gateworld.net/news/2009/10/rhona-mitra-cast-in-recurring-sgu-role/

Actress Rhona Mitra has been cast in a key role at the end of Stargate Universe’s first season, Syfy announced today.

Mitra will appear in a 3-episode arc at the end of the season, including “Subversion” and the the 2-part season finale, “Incursion.”

She’ll play Kiva, described by the network as “a strong-willed commander of an alien incursion force. Kiva will do whatever it takes to safeguard her people even if it is at the ultimate expense of the Destiny crew.”

The 33-year-old, London-born actress has had recurring roles on Nip/Tuck, Boston Legal, The Practice (as Tara Wilson), Gideon’s Crossing and Party of Five. Her film career includes movies from Underworld: Rise of the Lycans to The Number 23.

According to previously released casting documents, Kiva is a commander in the Lucian Alliance — the group which the Destiny crew speculated may have been behind the attack on the Icarus Base in the series premiere, “Air, Part 1.”

Just thought i'd let all you Rhona Mitra fans out there know.

06-10-09, 23:39
I love her... I swear everytime I see her I see a hint of the true Lara

07-10-09, 00:36
I love her... I swear everytime I see her I ...

Me too buddy. Me too... :whi:

07-10-09, 00:41
Me too buddy. Me too... :whi:


uh oh...

how dare you take my words out of context :p

07-10-09, 01:03
Hmm, I'll have to tune in. I've never been too much of a Stargate fan, but I'll be a Rhona fan tho'.

07-10-09, 03:35
This is good news, I liked her & this is a good chance for her to spread her (acting) wings :tmb:

Legend Killer
07-10-09, 10:10
Already planned on checking out SGU. This is a great perk! :tmb:

07-10-09, 10:18

Good. Another reason to keep watching.
(Wasn't very satisfied with the season premiere of SGU. Thought it was quite tame, and not very exciting. Stargate has proved time and time again that it can do SO much better than that.)


07-10-09, 10:35
Yatzee :D more Stargate..:jmp: