View Full Version : Great-Grandmother Being Deployed to Iraq

25-11-04, 22:59

Link (http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=817&e=11&u=/ap/grandmother_deployed)

tlr online
25-11-04, 23:15
Bloody hell. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif

25-11-04, 23:56
I can understand the feeling, and you would think I would say she dhouldn't go. But all I can say is age is not a reason to not do something you want to do as long as you can physically do it. If she was 32, would anyone think twice?

26-11-04, 00:26
She doesn't look 72.


26-11-04, 21:22
72?! What sick creep deployed her?!

26-11-04, 21:43
Is it her own free will? She sounds like my grandmother: if she wasn't in a wheelchair, she'd be giving the world a good sound thrashing!

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26-11-04, 22:10
She wants to serve her country, except she hasn't had time until now. I'm glad she has found time for her passion.

I can't imagine my grandma using a sniper rifle... decked in usual military uniform... and a helmet.

26-11-04, 23:53
If she wants to do it, then go ahead... Good luck to her, and i hope she comes back safe.

27-11-04, 11:27
If she's vlounteering, wonderful woman. But if not...dear god...72.

27-11-04, 19:42
What is 72 some magical age that makes someone not able to do the things they want?

I bet she doesn't feel bad about it at all, imagine only after 72 years having your dream come true.

Do you still feel bad for her?