View Full Version : Zombieland - Movie Review by Wantafanta

09-10-09, 01:39
I saw Zombieland today. First off, I'll tell you I'm a grown man, but there is a part in each of us that never grows up. For me, watching zombie movies has always been a treat. I saw George Romero's first zombie movie not long after it was made. I had seen zombie movies before that - Zombies of Mora Tau comes to mind. It was scary as you-know-what. But Romero's flick set the stage and the rules for all the zombie movies to follow. His first entry was a dark, brooding, demoralizing film which instills dread in you from the outset, and leaves you with dread at the close.
As zombie movies have evolved through the decades, very little has changed - except they now are almost always injected with comedy. It's a strange mix - comedy and dread. Maybe the producers figure they can get a bigger box office if they make a movie that more people will go to - if it is a little funny. After all, nobody wants to get sick to their stomach for 2 hours. And also, there are some people who think that every zombie movie is just plain silly, so maybe the producers have given in to that crowd, and said, OK, if you think they are silly, then we'll make them silly on purpose. Like when you trip over your own shoelaces and you are embarrassed, so you tell everyone "Hey, I did that on purpose!"
Anyway, this movie was good. It was funny. There were about 5 actors in the entire film, but the credits list about 200 stunt people! What I liked about this film, and I don't mind giving this away - is that none of the good guys dies. In the Romero films, somebody always gets bitten, and infected, then wakes up to be a zombie. That was always depressing. In Zombieland, the good guys survive. There was a scene at an amusment park when a giant ride came swooping down and knocked 3 zombies out of the scene like a giant golf club. I thought that was hilarious. The special effects were marvelous. Not much CGI stuff that I could see. But just good stunt work and photography.
As to the zombies, they aren't all that impressive. Romero's zombies each had their own personality - especially in the 3rd movie. But these zombies are all pretty much alike. They can also run like the dickens! Romero's zombies plodded along like - well like they were dead! And that made them scarier in a sense. Zombieland's sprint like a tight end heading for a touchdown. They instill panic, because time is of the essence.
Anyway, you will probably have a good time with this flick. You won't be afraid to go to sleep, either.