View Full Version : Help! Hurry, I have been working now on this for 7 hours

09-10-09, 09:02
I need a video creator that accepts .mp4 files. Every time I try to convert them, they end up choppy and don't work. I have been working at this for 7 hours now and I need to find a video creator that accepts the .mp4 files so I can make trailers again. Windows Movie Maker does not support the files neither does Sony Vegas Movie Maker. Please help me find this, I really need to finish this by tonight. School is overwhelming me and I would like to get it done as quickly as possible, but I can't with out you all's help. Please help me!!!

09-10-09, 09:39
You might want to try Handbrake, it can deal with MP4, but I'm nit sure what output formats it has.

09-10-09, 09:46
Thanks Cochrane for your help, but do you think you could give me a link to the download? I cannot find a decent one.

And its not the proper program for video creating. :(