View Full Version : Son of Rambo fans

Alex Shepherd
10-10-09, 11:58
Is anybody here addicted to this movie too?


10-10-09, 13:11
Such a brilliant movie of friendship. I adore the connection between the two contrasting characters. The movie has it's humorous and touching moments. :tmb:

Dennis's Mom
10-10-09, 13:59
This is an utterly charming movie. I highly recommend it.

Alex Shepherd
10-10-09, 15:45
That's what I am gonna say... I don't know if any other people who watched the movie take it as a comedy, but it is actually a sad movie and glad they put a happy ending for it, this movie is just a mean of a great friendship... I just adore these 2 characters the same. They are my new favorite characters.

About the interview that I saw after they made the movie, meeting the interviewer when he asked them about their friendship, and the answer appears that they are actually friends for real.

10-10-09, 16:01
It was very emotional, especially the scene in the abandoned scrap yard place. I'm glad there was a happy ending as well. :)

Lara's Nemesis
10-10-09, 19:42
I really enjoyed this film, it had a heart without being overly sentimental. Definetely one of the better coming of age films.:tmb: Really funny in parts as well.:D