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12-10-09, 21:05
Anyone a fan of this series?





13-10-09, 07:58
Oh Geeeeeez. My sister had mad crushes on Jimmy. I wasn't a fan of the show, but she watched it every Saturday in the late 60s. There were a few other Sid and Marty Kroft shows that had the same trippy 60s feeling to them like: The Bugaloos, The Banana Splits, Sigmund the Sea Monster.

Funny to see this now after almost 40 years. As strange as the show was it holds up considering it's age. The others I mentioned (you can see them on the You Tube side menu) didn't fare so well after the same amount of time.

How are you managing to see H.R. Puffinstuff (what were the trippy Kroft Brothers smoking anyway?)

13-10-09, 08:35
Heh-heh.... Yeah, I watched that whenever the reception was good enough to get it (late '60s technology,) but even as a small kid I thought it was probably the product of dope. And the Banana Splits...that was completely off the scale. I doubt I tuned into that more than four or five times.

The Bugaloos was a hippie-dippy show too, but it had that hot fairy girl that slept in the flower bud so I watched it religiously despite the psychedelic silliness. I actually thought Sigmund and the Sea Monsters was pretty good though - I think by '73 they were getting better at characterization and storytelling. 'Never missed that one.

13-10-09, 09:48
Yeah, I absolutely love Pufnstuf. Mechanical boy is one of my favourite episodes!

Jimmy was certainly cute (Jack Wild is one of my favourite actors..hence my tattoo..ask if you dont already know and would like to lol)..but didnt they have to stop the show in america because nobody would understand him very well? Awh

Its nice to hear from some people that were fans back in the day though..was the reception to the show good or bad? What did people generally think about it?

I have pufnstuf coloring books at my mums. :ton:

13-10-09, 11:46
Surely this can't be on anywhere in the world, can it?
Served it's purpose and scared the hell out of heaps of little kids.

Crap, Witchypoo's commin', gotta go....

13-10-09, 11:48
LOL. I had to relook at the Booglaloos to see 'Joy.' I forgot how cute she was.


As far as Sigmund, I couldn't stand the show. I liked the red headed "Jody" kid alright, but...... well I guess I was getting older and it just didn't strike me as anything worthwhile. (Hey! The Herculoids was on anyway, dammit! Ya don't mess with the Herculoids :ton:)

I had little patience for the Banana Splits, but I loved Danger Island within the show. Stupid slapstick, but imaginative with cool music. You may recognize a young Jan Michael Vincent from Air Wolf fame.


And you HAVE to tell us about your Jimmy tattoo. You can't tease us like that man. :hea: :D I wasn't aware he was still acting. I assume stage shows?

As far as how Puffinstuff was received in the states. This article may give you a small insight to how well the Krofft creations were received.


It just lists the Krofft's shows and a bit about their amusement park. There was also a Puffinstuff movie. My parents took us to see that. We got left at the front door where I promptly bought myself a ticket to 'The Posieden Adventure'

13-10-09, 11:57
(Jack Wild is one of my favourite actors..hence my tattoo..

Wrong tense. Should be was one of your favorite actors

Wild died on 1 March, 2006, aged 53, after a long battle with oral cancer, which he believed was caused by his alcoholism and smoking.
Diagnosed with the disease in 2000, he underwent surgery in July 2004 and had part of his tongue and both vocal chords removed.
Because of this surgery, he had lost his speech and had to communicate through his wife, Clare Harding, whom he met when they were appearing in Jack and the Beanstalk in Worthing. He is buried in Toddington Parish Cemetery.

13-10-09, 12:56
Wrong tense. Should be was one of your favorite actors

Somehow seeing Muttley snickering in your avitar seems rather drool, Drewy. :D.

Dennis's Mom
13-10-09, 13:10
I LOVED H.R. Puffenstuff. And Jack Wild. :D

I was also a Banana Splits fan. I remember mailing in a cereal box lid for a stuffed "Fleazle". I still sing the theme song sometimes. Tra-la-la!

I didn't care the for the Bugaloos or Sigmund and the Sea Monsters so much.

13-10-09, 13:13
Somehow seeing Muttley snickering in your avitar seems rather drool, Drewy. :D.

Yeah he has that effect, it's a pain at time, but he has no sense of tact :p

13-10-09, 14:18
Never watched Pufnstuf but I was a Banana Splits fan.:o:wve:


13-10-09, 20:57
Wrong tense. Should be was one of your favorite actors

Meh, I still say "I love Audrey Hepburn, she is one of my favourite actresses" as well.