View Full Version : Wii Version of Tomb Raider Legend

14-10-09, 23:41
Does anybody know why Tomb Raider Legend is not on the Wii, yet Anniversary and Underworld are on the Wii.

14-10-09, 23:44
In 2006 I don't think the Wii was "special" enough to have it, seeing as it was fairly new then.

14-10-09, 23:46
because it was only just released and the developers didn't know what it could handle.

15-10-09, 07:14
Because the Wii was not yet available when Legend was released would probably have something to do with it. Even the Wii version of TRA was released later than the PC, PS2 and PSP versions, there had not been plans originally to make a Wii version of TRA.

15-10-09, 11:31
It was released for the GameCube and it works flawlessly on the Wii. Its looks are slightly better than the PS2 version, and come close to the XBox version (which is the best looking of the 6th generation of videoconsoles).

15-10-09, 13:06