View Full Version : 1 in 5 U.S metro areas "recovering from Recession", MSNBC says.

15-10-09, 20:26
The recession finally ended in August in one out of every five metro areas in the United States, especially in the Midwest and Great Plains, according to the latest Adversity Index from Moody's Economy.com and msnbc.com.

This is the first month this year when any metro area has moved from recession into the "recovery" category, indicating that the economy grew from six months earlier. Out of 384 metro areas in the nation, 79 are in recovery, according to the August data on jobs, manufacturing and housing. Another 270 areas have a "moderating recession," meaning their economies were not contracting as severely as earlier. That leaves 35 metro areas in a full-blown recession.

This is very good news, even if it isn't a complete solution. At least we have [relatively reliable] evidence that things are looking brighter economically speaking. :)

Now who says that Obama has done nothing? :rolleyes:

15-10-09, 20:27
Not here, unfortunately! It seems to be getting worse, not better right now! :(

Mad Tony
15-10-09, 20:31
Now who says that Obama has done nothing? :rolleyes:Me. Economies do eventually bounce back. Government intervention normally makes things worse. BUT (and that's a big but) if Obama's "stimulus" packages are the main reason why the US is starting to see a recovery, then Bush is also responsible for it as well. After all, he was the one who signed the first one into law this time last year.

15-10-09, 20:32
Not here, unfortunately!

Yeah, same here [Texas]. :( But hey, at least our neighbor Louisiana is doing well. :)

Edit: I somehow foresaw your presence in this thread, Mad Tony. Now where's your partner in crime? :P