View Full Version : I wanted to dress up as Lara Croft but...

15-10-09, 20:54
...its so expensive. Does anyone know where to get cheap outfits? I opted to dressing as a ninja for the upcoming halloween. Adding all the Croft gear came to about 60, ninja came to 30. Big help if you know anywhere that sells cheap but decent croft gear as i will want to dress up as her in the future.

15-10-09, 21:17
i ended up buying things seperately or making my own things when i saw similar shorts or tops in clothing shops and i bought boots from a shoe shop. The holsters and belt i'm planning on making myself but it would be nice to have official stuff :( xx

so yeah i cant really help but id love to know also xx

15-10-09, 21:34
I finally found it for you two. :D http://tombraidercosplay.com/HelpWithOutfits/howtomake.html It looks really easy.

15-10-09, 21:36
^^ thanks hunni! will come in useful xxxx:hug:

15-10-09, 21:40
"I want to dress up as Lara Croft but... I should spend my money on something decent instead"