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15-10-09, 23:56
So im in New York aaaaaand we're already getting snow :confused: Talk about crazy :vlol: http://photos-f.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs222.snc1/6933_1230629853546_1463109933_30656882_727494_n.jp g

15-10-09, 23:58
Oh ok then, I'll re use my post for something else :vlol:

Hmm... I've forgotten about how it feels to be in the snow. It's been 7 years since the last time it snowed where I live. It was scary though, the sky was completely red, the day was soo cold and then... snow came down from the sky :vlol:

The climate here is usually warm.

16-10-09, 00:01
Not really O_o its unusual for this type of year. There's been other threads like this.

16-10-09, 00:09
We got our first snow of the season on October 9th!:D

16-10-09, 00:11
Thats crazy early O_____O

16-10-09, 00:12
Snow = awesome.

16-10-09, 00:13
Thats crazy early O_____O

Yeah, it's the earliest snow we've had in Nebraska as long as my Dad can remember.

16-10-09, 00:16
No snow here yet. Usually not until the end of November, beginning of December.

It's starting to get colder now though.

16-10-09, 00:18
Aw i want snow :p

16-10-09, 00:26
the rain was freezing today (i live in NJ, which is warmer, but not by alot :p) so so isn't really a shock to me. good luck with that :)

16-10-09, 00:34
I only remember having honest-to-God snow [as in we could actually make snowmen etc] once here and that was several years ago back when I was in elementary school. Fourth grade or thereabout I think. :(

I want to at least vacation to a place that snows in the winter. It feels like something everyone should experience.

16-10-09, 00:37
It didnt snow in my city, but I heard on the news that there was snow in some parts of the country and on the mountains ofcourse....thats like so weird, just a week ago I was wearing t shirts to school, and now Im wearing a winter jacket.... yeah the climate is messed up...

Uzi master
16-10-09, 00:39
it snows here every year, most people hate it, those busy old people.

16-10-09, 00:47
I live in Connecticut, and its snowing here too. Its far too early for snow, but really? Its new England...the weather has a mind of its own and its always like 4 steps ahead of weather forecasters lol. If you couldnt tell...i hate the cold and winter and everything so im a grumpy gills right now.

16-10-09, 00:48
Busy old people who don't have fun are heartless imo. All they care about is money.

Sorry a bit random there. Boy do I wish to see snow again. :o

16-10-09, 00:50
snow must be cool :(

16-10-09, 01:20
it snows here every year, most people hate it, those busy old people.

in canada it always snows early LOL. they said Toronto was getting snow today but it isnt, yay i hate winter to be honest

16-10-09, 01:25
Weeee have gotten like one inch of snow lol that's about it for us, NEVER snows here. Twas a miracle for that one inch :D

16-10-09, 05:32
The most snow we ever get anymore is 2-4< snowstorms each winter. It just doesn't snow in NJ like it did in the '90s:(

16-10-09, 06:10
im coming to ny i love snow :) we get rubbish snow in the uk :(

16-10-09, 08:19
It just started to snow here in southern sweden today. It's pretty early. Damn I hate snow. It's so cold and wejhgvheg

16-10-09, 08:25
Summers coming for me :)

16-10-09, 09:09
I love snow. :D It hasn't snowed yet up here though, which I'm kind of surprised at because it's cold enough as it is. I can distinctly remember one Summer where we got hailstones... our climates is really messed up. XD

But the nights are drawing in, it's getting colder, I can feel Winter coming on... and I love it! I think I have the reverse form of SAD, I hate it when Summer comes and I love it when Winter comes. :p

16-10-09, 09:11
yup.. here too..romania

Los Angeles
16-10-09, 10:25
We also have snow in Germany.. It sucks!

16-10-09, 11:12
That's weird...We here don't have snow...Like 1 day of the year...That's it...:(

Dennis's Mom
16-10-09, 12:10
No more snow for me! Yay! I don't miss it at all. :D

16-10-09, 13:23
I want snow! :(

16-10-09, 13:24
I'm still having high temperatures of 70 degrees fahrenheit. No snow for a while here.

16-10-09, 13:44
It was around 99 degrees here yesterday.. and yeah we never get snow in Florida, go figure.. :( I really want some cold weather though.

16-10-09, 15:36
We had some frostiness going on over here, some snowfall but no actual snow on the ground to speak of.

Chocola teapot
16-10-09, 15:39
WTQ? That is cool/ disturbing.