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03-10-04, 01:42
The milky waters of Lake Winnipeg (right), Lake Winnipegosis (left), and Lake Manitoba (south of Winnipegosis) stand out against the brown and tan landscape of central Canada in this true-color Terra MODIS image from September 28, 2004. The milky colors are from sediment deposited into the waters by the rivers feeding the lakes. The more concentrated the sediment is, the browner the water appears. As the sediment disperses, it turns shades of turquoise and green, until it can't be distinguished from clear waters. Countless other lakes appear in the image in various shades of blue, green, and tan.

From left to right, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario are the three provinces shown in the image. The ends of Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg point toward Winnipeg, Manitoba's largest city. The city itself appears as a grey spot, and is best viewed at the higher resolutions.


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03-10-04, 02:12
Fun. I'm a Canadian-American.