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19-10-09, 11:42
Ive been watching Batman/Superman/Justice League Unlimited/Static Shock through the Years and then after watching Batman Beyond, i was Amamzed how the Series always Cross Over with Batman Beyond as you would expect that its now Done and all the Heroes are Dead and Gone.

Bruce Wayne is Old now and Superman could still go on a couple of Years, so could there be Another Series after Batman Beyond since All our Heroes and Villains are gone, do we lay down the Cap of the Greatest Heroes and Villains in History since the Comic Books.

Has DC and Marvel ever crossed over with eachother.

19-10-09, 12:19
I would only ever count the first media crossover would be that old SNL sketch, where it's Superman's birthday and Lois accidentally reveals he had an affair with Hulk while married to Superman, to Clark Kent. Yeah, bad things. :p

Marvel and DC have crossed over in youtube via the show I'm a DC... and I'm a Marvel.

As for comics, I have the collections DC vs. Marvel, which lead to Almagalm comics (combining a character from DC/Marvel with another from DC/Marvel, i.e. Amazon = Wonder Woman/Storm) and the DC and Marvel Crossover Classics 1-2.

I hope that answered your question. :)

19-10-09, 12:22
You answered part of it, what about the rest of it. :p

19-10-09, 12:30
After Batman Beyond? Not a chance.

Paul Dini and Bruce Timm (creators of Batman Animated Series, and all that followed) have left that playing field, so all possibilities for a Dini-verse/Timm-verse creation is a no go.

Bruce Timm however is working on other Animated projects like the upcoming Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths, but none are related to BTAS or Justice League.

They're released other movies too:

Superman: Doomsday


I highly recommend Justice League: The New Frontier

Wonder Woman


Green Lantern: First Flight


Superman/Batman: Public Enemies


Most are recreations of main DCU storylines, but they're all fun either way. :D

19-10-09, 12:45
Ive seen all those Movies and they are Awsome. :cln:

19-10-09, 12:47
Ive seen all those Movies and they are Awsome. :cln:

I know, right?

I love that Marvel has good live action movies, yes, but when it comes to Animation, especially PG-13 animation a lot more appealing to kids, DC wins hands down. :D

19-10-09, 14:57
Here is another Program called the Zeta Project and theres an Episode thats a Cross Over with Batman Beyond, these guys really know how to make their Cartoon Series and how to End it. :cln:

Now this is Awsome and i have no idea who made it. :confused:

Chocola teapot
19-10-09, 15:51
Teen titans? I love raven.