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19-10-09, 15:35


The film is supposedly based on actual events, and is set in Nome, Alaska, a town which (according to the movie) has a disproportionate number of reported missing people and alleged alien abductions over the last forty years. Milla Jovovich plays psychotherapist Dr Abigail Tyler, who is allegedly based on a real psychologist who videotapes interviews with the abductees. The abductees all claim they see a strange looking owl at their window, before suffering strange psychological attacks. Recordings from videotapes reveal a distorted voice speaking in Sumerian, the oldest recorded language in Human history, and Tyler begins to suspect a government cover up.

Anyone interested in this movie? It looks pretty scary if you ask me. :tmb:

19-10-09, 15:37
Looks good, I just hope it's not one of those (all the good parts are in the trailer) type of movies.

Chocola teapot
19-10-09, 15:41
I saw the trailer in the cinema and had nightmares. :pi:

Lara Croft!
19-10-09, 15:44
Ιt's one of those movies that the cover, trailer and synopsis make it so promising, but in all likelihood it will never live up to my current expectations.