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19-10-09, 22:48
Ok, so I'm a little confused here about my love life:

I lost lotsa weight the last 2 months, and coming with that I get alot more "attention".
Well anyway, I got talking with this guy from work, let's call him R, and he told me he's totally into this one guy at work, but doesn't tell me the name. He's a really nice, cool guy and I really liked him as a friend in the beginning, but more after I saw him more.
Then there was this other guy, C, and he was kinda flirting with me but not really making a move. He's got a big ego, but in a funny sort of way.

Well anyway, we had this big party from work the other day, and both of them were like hanging around me a lot and hugging me, kissing my cheeck, that sort of stuff. But this guy R seemed to get really jelous at me as soon as C was giving me attention, as if he really liked C also.

Anyway, the day before the party R asked me if I wanted to sleep over at work also, because he was scared to do so alone, since we work at the amsterdam dungeon and the decor is kinda scary. So I said yes eventhough I could've gone home pretty easily.
He wanted to have a room for us 2 per se, so we picked the murder dining room. He was pretty much all over me, and we went to sleep (srysly, nothing happened)
The very next day he pretended like nothing happened, and just went home after which I had to start working again at 10:30.

So today I saw him again, and he insisted he wanted to walk to the station with me from work. He first had to handle some stuff, and after he came back he gave me a pretty tight intimate hug and told me he loved me. I wasn't sure if he actually meant it though, when we got to the station he hugged me again and we said our goodbyes. I feel like asking him if he's really serious and if he's not messing with me, because I really like him, but I kinda like C too, but I get the feeling R likes C too, so I feel like I'm in this weird triangle all of a sudden..

so does anybody's got any tips or advice? It would be appreciated greatly! :)

Chocola teapot
19-10-09, 22:51
Well That does sound like quite some fun. http://i36.************/33vl0zo.gif (Gotta fit in that sexy smiley whenever I can)
Advice Wise though... Well if the one you like likes you then go for it.

19-10-09, 23:35
Why not see if C is interested in a polyamourous relationship? Unless you think R is the jealous type, in which case decide whether you want the one who clearly likes you or if you want to try your luck with C. Hope it works out for you one way or another!