View Full Version : 'Extremists hijack' military name

Mad Tony
20-10-09, 15:52
The reputation of the armed forces is being tarnished by right-wing political "extremists", a group of former military leaders has warned.

Three ex heads of the Army are among those to put their names to a letter accusing "those who seek to hijack the good name of Britain's military".
It does not name the BNP but was issued as part of a campaign against them.

The BNP vowed to continue using military symbols and pictures of Winston Churchill in its campaigns.

The commander of the Desert Rats in the first Gulf War, Major-General Sir Patrick Cordingley, and former Chief of Defence Staff Lord Guthrie are the other signatories on the letter, alongside the former Army chiefs, generals Sir Mike Jackson and Sir Richard Dannatt


Glad I'm not the only one who's getting sick of the BNP, and Nick Griffin in particular, comparing themselves to the heroes that fought for us during WWII. Nick Griffin needs to get it out of his thick head that he is not the 21st century equivalent of Churchill, but rather the 21st century equivalent of Hitler.

The BNP aren't far-right either, they're far-left, but that's for another topic.