View Full Version : Anyone want to create a game storyline?

28-11-04, 16:45
I have had this idea for a video game for quiet some time now, the story revolves around a gnomes, that live inside of giant mushrooms, called Mushroom Merlin. Its a story of a gnome wizard known as Mushroom Merlin whose home world RoomMusha is threatened by the evil gnome known as Fizzletwit and his evil minions known as The Shroom Raiders. Fizzletwit lives in the dark corner of Roommusha known as Fungiery. The game would be something like a Jak and Dexter game are far as gameplay goes. I was thinking maybe a scrolling screen for the smaller systems such as game boys(ya know like an old school mario). In the game our friend Mushroom Merlin has a pet fox that he uses to travel on named Tripie. A battle for the homeland of the good gnomes in the game will have been raging for 200 years with Fizzletwit in almost complete control of RoomMusha, but the legend of a young wizard that would bring the homeland back to the good gnomes begins to take picture and although many of the good gnomes dont believe in Mushroom Merlin there are still. a select few that will help him in his journey to topple Fizzletwit.

Well thats all I have right now, but I think kids would gobble that sort of game up, along with adults if the game was created right, with bright colors and a new style of gameplay that we can work out later.
What cha think? Anyone wanna help me with this and pitch it to a game maker? I have the full story copyrighted and this is just a small portion of it.

28-11-04, 17:42
*cough*smurflike*cough* lol

28-11-04, 20:41
nah, its a game that will be packaged with a little pack of acid strips to take while playing the game, itll add to the 3d effect of the game, more like a Virtrual Reality game then.

28-11-04, 21:09
lol then you get hyped on the acid strips and you buy another game for more acid strips and you make lots of money... is that legal?

29-11-04, 02:17
Completly legal, the game case will say
"Packaged with Minty Fresh Listerine Strips from RoomMusha" and after the authorites catch on we will simply say it was packaged in Colombia by barely legal factory laborers and that we had no foreknowledge of the acid strips. I am telling you, it would be the best selling game of all time. It will be to us and the gaming world as Thriller was to MJ or Darkside of the Moon was to Pink Floyd. Speaking of which, if you are the first to join the team of creators you will get royalties, but anyone that joins after the storyline is made will not get any. Sound good?

29-11-04, 16:52
it sounds good but now you have released your plans on the net we will surely get found out!