View Full Version : Rainforest Levelcut from final version of Tomb Raider Legend

02-11-09, 23:20
I have heard that a level based around an Inca temple/rainforest was removed from the final version of Tomb Raider Legend can anyone confirm this.

02-11-09, 23:23
Yeah, I saw that in a magazine a few years ago. It said that it was due to an excessive amount of time on South America in TRL. So they decided to remove it...

Not the best thing to do, since Legend is a really short game.

05-11-09, 21:58
They removed it way before the final version, they gave us Kazakhstan instead sine it added more variety to the game. So they game was not going to be any longer if they had not cut it out. Please continue any further discussion in the already extensive thread talking about what was cut out or changed.