View Full Version : Tomb raider legend action replay codes!help!!!!(ps2)

Chain Raider
05-11-09, 03:50
Hey, I just got action replay max from my sisters friend, and I was excited because I've been waiting to barow it for a long and when I opened the expert mode code list, all I could find was Angel of Darkness(speaking of which the game is alot more fun when playing it with cheats, because you have zero gravity,infite health even when she falls from great heights and Kurtis' protype gun) and I was about to make it a 'New Game' or 'Add new game' and typed in all the stuff, but it says I need a mastercode for it.
I went to google and stuff and all I could find was the action replay codes for the DS.

I really need the new game master code, could someone see if they can find it and post it here.
Or at least check if your action replay has the TR:LEGEND game on it and click the 'EDIT(cirlce) button and read the code and post it.

Cause I really want to play with all weapon(including the rocket launcher)
And it would be nice if someone on this fourm can also supply other cheats so I can put them in tommorow.
Right now I only have 2 cheats, Classic Braid Lara and all weapons.

I've already used the search engine on tomb raider fourms(before someone asks) and the first one(at the very bottom) has 2 links to ones for north amearica and europe, but they are both dead and I am stuck. So your brainiack help would be appreicated!:D