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05-11-09, 15:48
Here's a link to Carol H's TR2 thread:http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=160534to. In the linked article it mentions this man:


It says his name is "Mike" and that they like to hide his image somewhere in the level. But who is "Mike"?

I'm pretty sure that this prisoner;) has been mentioned before; I think someone even reckoned he looked like Bill Gates:D but I couldn't find the thread.


05-11-09, 16:21
:eek: You found him!?!? Where!! :jmp:

I assumed he was Mike from those who created The Lost Artifact;

Back in the day, the Tomb Raider: Lost Artifact team - Me, Rebecca Shearin, Gary LaRochelle and Mike Schmitt - were asked this question by a magazine interviewer, and here is our answer… (Seems quite straightforward, really)

hmmm... :pi:

05-11-09, 16:28
Aha! Thanks Minimus.:tmb:


06-11-09, 00:43
Yes, it's Mike Schmitt. Here's an old thread that has a link to Theresa's Site, which says this and has a picture of Mike. The next post in the thread has a good pic by The Great Chi.

Mike's image is only in the demo version of Lost Artifact.

06-11-09, 10:12
Yep, he's only in the demo. My copy of the full version of TLA is...lost.:o
Does Mike appear in any other TR levels or is this his one and only appearance?


06-11-09, 12:00
...Does Mike appear in any other TR levels or is this his one and only appearance?

Here's a post that suggests the gold idol in the TR3 mansion treasure room is partly inspired by Mr. Schmitt. Don't post in the old thread, come back here.

I'm having a tough time with the resemblance, myself.

06-11-09, 14:32
^Hmm...that's one smeared face.:) Can't really tell who it is but still, it is a face.;)


06-11-09, 16:38
tricky! i love easter eggs. Yep that is a face. if it wasnt such a pain to get into that room i would drop in and take a look, i wish Lara would not make it so hard to get into some of her rooms :) I am not as limber and speedy as she is. But maybe that is the only way she can get away from Winston..other than locking him in the cooler.

07-11-09, 00:14
In order to not have Winston mess up the attempt, you go out the front door, wait for him, then dash back inside and close the door.

07-11-09, 00:22
heheh, ys i saw that was possible. He is such a duffer. I really got tired of him finally and locked him in the kitchen cooler, with great pleasure. I also would love to remove those unplesant noises he makes from the game but dont know how to get into those sound flies:) :tea:

this is fun to hear about, this easter egg, i will have to get the demo so i can find this. :) thanks everyone.