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28-11-04, 23:22
"A Day without a Mexican"
Imagine what it would be like to live in California. One morning all the Mexicans and Latinos have disappeared. A woman wakes up and her husband is gone (Mexican). The supermarkets run out of tomatos and lettuce (no field workers), the Los Angeles Dodgers game is cancelled (half the team is Latino!) and angry fans riot. Nobody is at Burger King to take the drive-thru orders. Restuarants have to close because the dishwashers and cooks have vanished (you guessed it, Mexican). No more nannies take care of kids or cook meals and working women have to stay home. Streets are clogged with abandoned cars, some wrecked, for there are no drivers. The California economy teeters becasue illegal immigrants have contributed $97 Billion since the year 2000.

That's what happens in "A Day Without a Mexican" -- a scary and funny movie - part science fiction, part comedy.

Never fear, because all of the Latinos return at the end to the welcoming arms and smiles of the grateful Gringos who now appreciate their "neighbors to the south."

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